Thursday, May 15, 2014

Roanoke Rapids NC: Halifax Co - URGENT! NEED RESCUE COMMITMENT to SAVE dogs and cats! 5/13/2014

From: Katie Walter <>
Date: Thu, May 15, 2014 at 9:57 AM
Subject: Roanoke Rapids, NC - Halifax Co - URGENT!! - NEED RESCUE COMMITMENT to SAVE THEM! - 5/13/2014
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- Halifax, NC - 5/13/2014 - (2 added) - NEED RESCUE COMMITMENT to SAVE THEM!
BOO BEAR's family was burned out of their house, and did not return to take care of the dogs in the back yard.  They surrendered them to rescue, and he is with a foster now.  Young male Pit, great with other dogs, both big and small, loves children, house-trained, neutered, very affectionate, and like his name.
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Freda - Female White/Tan Harrier Hound, 1-2 years old, 44 pounds, stray, scared, affectionate, sweet girl.  Intake 5/8.  ID #3.  CONTACT:

Faith - Female Black/Brown Brindle Dutch Shepherd, 4 months old, 30 pounds, stray, very friendly, healthy pup, happy, wants love.  Intake 5/13.  ID#4, PIC #9118.  CONTACT:

Farley - Male Black/Tan Shepherd mix, 2-3 years old, 54 pounds, owner surrender, happy, friendly, likes other dogs.  Intake 5/5.  ID#6, PIC #9116.   CONTACT:  

Felix - Male Black/White Pit/Great Dane Mix, 4 months old, 26 pounds, stray, friendly boy, playful, white fur necklace, sweet boy.  Intake 5/6.  ID#24, PIC #9131.  CONTACT:

Fergie - Female Tri-color Beagle, 3-4 years old, 13 pounds, stray, great on leash.  A very sweet Beagle!!  Loving girl.  Intake 5/6.  ID #25, PIC #9127.  CONTACT:

FiFi and Flora - Momma Cat & Kitten - Momma is long haired.  ID #A-6, PIC #9141.  Intake 5/6.
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Furby - Male White/Tan Husky/Lab Mix, 1 year old, 35 pounds, stray.  Good on leash, a nice friendly fellow. Intake 5/7.   ID#23, PIC #9129.  CONTACT:

ASBELL - Female Brown/Brindle Pit mix, 39 pounds, 1-2 years old, stray.   A loving girl, curious, with  a beautiful coat.  She has been a Mom, and is friendly around other dogs.   ID#1, PIC#9070.  Intake 5/5.  
CONTACT:   If you can't rescue, you can still help!

Ben, less than a year old, lovely, 15-20 lb Beagle.  Playful, loves toys, affectionate, and loves to ride in the car.   CONTACT:

BO is only 10-12 months old, and has already seen the worst of humanity.  She was found at animal control and it turned out that her front legs had been intentionally cut by whoever had her, so that they would bow out, so that she would not be able to jump up.   She is the perfect example of why dogs are so amazing, because she still, despite that cruelty, has a playful puppy personality. 

We need to get her to a vet, to see what can be done for her legs, and get her taken care of and boarded and transported!   If you cannot rescue or adopt her, please consider helping with her medical expenses.  If they can fix her legs, the bill may mount up higher, but this would be a start!

Hollie - Female, about 1 yr old owner surrender, about 25 lbs, HW negative.  A really nice dog!!  If you love the looks of a German Shepherd, but you can only have a little dog, she is the one for you!
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