Thursday, May 1, 2014

San Pedro CA: URGENT! Harbor Shelter, a City of Los Angeles facility, needs RESCUE HELP!

From: nicky gj <>
Date: Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 3:22 PM
Subject: URGENT! Harbor Shelter, San Pedro, CA needs RESCUE HELP!

Please Network Far & Wide!

URGENT!!! Harbor Shelter is overflowing with dogs and needs RESCUE HELP ASAP!


There are so many amazing dogs to rescue, many of whom have been at the shelter since January!

Harbor has a Rottie Mix, a Senior German Shepherd, Labrador Mixes, a Pomeranian, Corgi Mix, Chihuahuas/Mixes, Cocker Spaniels, a Blind Pitbull (see this gorgeous girl, "Blossom" on Facebookand a Deaf Pitbull, a very cute Boxer Mix, A Poodle Mix with her very own Kitten (should be rescued/adopted together/see attachment & Facebook), German Shepherd mixes and many Bully Mixes -- all begging for rescue ASAP!!
(Please see attachments for pictures and go to for details - zip code 90731).  Or, even better, come and VISIT Harbor Shelter to meet the dogs in person -- you're sure to find someone whose life you want to save!  (San Pedro is only 22 miles from downtown L.A. and easy on and off the Harbor 110 Freeway!)

For those of you who know Harbor Shelter, you already know the staff care very much about the animals.  Compared to some shelters, this is a haven, but unfortunately, that sometimes means Harbor is ignored with regard to rescuing!  The dogs and cats are well-cared for and always treated for their medical needs, but there's just no more room!  All are, of course, spayed, neutered & have all shots, before you rescue them!

Please rescue one or more of the big dogs/bullies from Harbor to make space, so the overcrowding can be eliminated?  There are so many ADOPTABLE BIG DOGS at the shelter and they desperately need to get out to rescue and new forever homes and to make room!

Please make Harbor Shelter a priority this week and throughout May to help Save Lives!

If every rescue reading this e-mail could rescue one BIG dog, the immediate problem would be solved, so please help Harbor Dogs and send the staff the message that the rescue community supports the high quality of care they give to the animals!

Please Contact Harbor Shelter directly for further Information:

Harbor Animal Care Center, 957 North Gaffey Street
San Pedro, CA 90731
Direct Line 310.548.2632
Kennel Supervisor, Hal Moore
city cell 213.305.8732
Kennel Supervisor, Gerald Hill,
city cell 213.305.8312

Thank you for stepping-up to help the dogs at Harbor Shelter!
Kindest Regards,

Harbor Shelter Volunteer