Sunday, June 29, 2014

Aiken SC: Last night alive. These 4 HW Positive dogs will DIE Monday unless rescued!!

From: Katie Walter <>
Date: Sun, Jun 29, 2014 at 5:33 PM
Subject: Aiken, SC - These 4 HW Positive dogs will DIE Monday!!

From:  On Behalf Of Dianne Channell
Sent: Sunday, June 29, 2014 6:11 PM
To:; Now or Never
Aiken, SC
- Killing is set for Monday!! 

Josh is 47 lbs, 2-3 yrs, a quiet kinda guy.

Marlee is 4-5 yrs old, 68 lbs, very gentle and sweet.

Bryan - 3-4 yrs, very sweet boy, walked past the other dogs with no problem, needs out now.  About 45 lbs.

WILMA is 61 lbs, 3-5 yrs, very friendly gal, a real tail wager.

From: Mary Lou Seymour []
Sent: Sunday, June 29, 2014 4:05 PM
Subject: NO OFFERS. These 4 dogs will DIE Monday (Aiken SC)

LAST CHANCE: I know everyone is busy, it's high summer, folks on vacation, having company over, bar-b-cues, going to the lake ... but these dogs don't deserve to die.  PLEASE help.  We have no offers, no rescues, no funding, no hope.  I still believe in miracles so I'm posting again.

These 4 HW positive dogs only have til MONDAY June 30 to find rescues and raise sponsorship for treatment. We have already 'lost' one of the group of 5 we started networking on Wednesday (Barnaby). PLEASE help us save these 4 beautiful dogs!


 Aiken County SC animal shelter changed its long standing policy on June 11, 2014 to allow SOME light HW positive dogs on the adoption floor. Sadly, there are many others who did not 'make the cut'... these dogs are all HW pos and cannot be adopted by the public. Their ONLY WAY OUT is if a 501c3 rescue saves them. This is an open admission county shelter and it is SERIOUSLY overcrowded. Dogs are 3-4 to a kennel and more come in every day. These 4 dogs MUST get OUT immediately!!! This shelter does not have a 'specific kill date', it is simply a matter of space. They aren't allowed on the adoption floor and if no rescue steps up to save them ..... the shelter walls are the last sight they will see. DONATE to their fundraisers, share their stories, help us find a rescue

The HeartBeat Program tries to raise funds for treatment, which will go to the rescue who pulls him. PLEASE HELP, dont let these dogs down...DONATE to this fundraiser, share the story, help us find a rescue.
Contact if you are a rescue and can provide assistance in helping these dogs. Please do not call the Aiken Co SC shelter.
Only a 501(c)3 can pull a hw positive dog that does not make it to adoption floor.
If the beneficiary of the fundraiser is euthanized because no rescue steps forward the money raised will be put toward the next heartworm positive dog that doesn't 'make it' to the adoption floor.

Shelter Animal Advocates
Only Way OUT Heartbeat campaign.

We are a program under PAWS (Palmetto Animal Welfare Services, Inc.)


If you wish to rescue an animal:
If you are a 501c3 rescue, please email your 501c3 letter from the IRS to us. Please put in the subject line: Dog's Name: 501c3 If you are not a 501c3 rescue, but have a 501c3 that is willing to pull the dog for you, please attach their 501c3. If you are an individual and wish to adopt the dog, please email us and put in the subject line: Dog's Name: Want to adopt (we will keep your contact info on file and when a rescue steps up send them your contact info.)
If you wish to donate to an animal: Send a paper check to PAWS PO Box 392 Aiken SC 29802.  Put HeartBeat in the subject line. Or use the donate button at:

If you wish to pledge to sponsor an animal
Please email us and put in the subject line: Dog's Name: Pledge