Monday, June 30, 2014

Casa Grande AZ: At high risk! Wonderful Elias the Lab mix in Pinal County shelter has escaped euth list more than once

Elias is sweet and gentle but shelter put an "aggressive" label on him early on and once entered the label supposedly cannot be removed :-(

He is still in desperate need of rescue/adoption although on of his Facebook threads has at least 634 shares and at least 51 "likes" --- see Pinal County Animal Shelter Animals NEED You photo/thread for him; note June 28 at 7:54pm comment by Lisa Moen regarding the regrettable "aggressive label" put on him three months ago!

His coat is currently molting at the shelter. There is another photo/thread for him at Pinal County Animal Shelter Animals NEED You HERE; this is the thread that has the video which shows him patiently waiting for treats

One of his devoted fans, Li Ha, wrote:
"wondered if you could share this boy at pinal...bad rap from an initial aggressive note on his roster... escaped two final lists, had a friend visit take pictures and recent video on thread... very sweet and sad boy whose eval is innacurate and pictures, videos prove been there 3 months now, coat a mess due to stress, friend said he was sweet healthy, no sign of skin issues just stress there causing a molt... hes breaking my heart" 
and she has made a Facebook album for him...
Elias has a  nice curly tail

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June 28 at 7:54pm