Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ellenwood GA: NO RESPONSE! RE: SOS!!! PLEADING AGAIN FOR 3 SUPER SWEET, HIGHLY ADOPTABLE CATS! RE: Sad update RE: Owner Died/Beautiful cats and kittens outside on their own

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Note:  these two tiny kittens were just found in the mess of the very ill man's backyard (story below). They most likely belong to one of the cats that was just spayed. None have rescue yet, though all are sweet. PLEASE help them find somewhere to go!

7/3/14 POST 
A total of about a dozen cats/ kittens are in need, with no offers since original plea went out. Three adults were just spayed/neutered. Don't let them return to the unsafe place they have been living :-(

Per Wikipedia, ​Ellenwood is an unincorporated community in a suburban area of DeKalb County, Georgia & Clayton County, Georgia (the Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell metropolitan area)

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Contact: Gudi (at
Gudi was able to take three of these cats (see one in the carrier, pictured below) to be spayed/neutered today with the help of a grant. Unfortunately, this is where they will be returning after their surgery this evening. There have been no offers so far, though they are super sweet and highly adoptable. 

PLEASE, someone help them find a safe, clean place to go so they don't have to live and die in this dangerous filth!

6/23/14 POST
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UPDATE: Gudi says that one kitten has died in a tragic accident. It crawled up into someone's car engine and was killed when they turned it on. There have been no offers to help so far, but if anyone can take some of these cats /kittens, there is an offer to get them fixed. Please help get them to safety!
For more information, contact:  
Gudi (at
6/21 POST
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Date: Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 5:12 PM
Subject: Ellenwood, GA - Owner Died/Beautiful cats and kittens outside on their own

These cats (and 2 that are not pictured), plus 9 kittens were fed by a man who died last week. Now they are outside on their own, being watched over by another man who is ill with diabetes (his legs are a swollen mess and he can't get around). The sick man cannot take care of them, and they will most likely end up at animal control (heart stick facility).

They are all really sweet and deserve homes, good food, and vetting (none are fixed).  There are 5 adults, aged 2-3 years and 9 kittens, 4-5 weeks and 8 weeks old.  The little kittens are in and out of the man's various sheds that are full of old plumbing pieces and clutter, and the house is in a rough neighborhood on a busy street (highway 42).

Please pass the word, and if anyone can take them, contact Gudi (she can direct people to them):