Saturday, June 28, 2014

Grantville GA: Rescue this neglected but previously loved, neutered Buff Cocker Spaniel named Charlie!!!

From: Katie Walter <>
Date: Sat, Jun 28, 2014 at 6:31 AM
Subject: Grantville, GA - Male Neutered Buff Cocker Spaniel Needs Rescue at Grantville AC!

Sent: Friday, June 27, 2014 8:49 PM
Grantville, GA
- Male Neutered Buff Cocker Spaniel Needs Rescue at Grantville AC! 

CROSS-POSTING!  This is a 4 run small rural shelter south of Atlanta 

If you can rescue and help this poor Cocker, please email Ron and Linda directly at:      (at 

Charlie was found laying on someone's front porch, the ACO tried to catch him but had no luck, so he had to set a dog trap and he trapped him right away because he was so hungry. 

He had thousands of fleas on him they were everywhere, and he was very dirty and matted, his ears are a mess. The first thing we did was give him a Capstar, because there was no way we could control the fleas, the next day we gave him a bath, the water ran red, we cut a few mats off him as best we could, you will see by his coat what kind of condition he was found in, the fleas were eating him alive, he has areas on his body that are like leather with no hair.  Around his right eye looks calloused, he must have been confined to a small area where he was rubbing that eye at one time. His left eye looks fine. 

We scanned him and found out he was micro chipped, the ACO located the person that the micro chip came back to.  The story is the dog belonged to this woman's Grandmother who was ill, and moved in with the Granddaughter, before she moved in the Grandmother gave the dog away to someone in Grantville as she couldn't take her to live with the Granddaughter because the Granddaughters daughter has allergies. 

The Grandmother passed away, the Granddaughter doesn't know why she put the micro chip in her name, and she doesn't know who the dog was given to.  The Granddaughter was very upset to find out the condition of the dog, because the Grandmother really loved the dog. 

The dogs name is Charlie, he has a nice temperament, let us bathe him and clean out his ears, he really needs professional grooming to strip his coat off, and we have no resources for that at this time.  The coat that is left on his legs is very thick, the other areas that he could reach to scratch and bite is hairless. 

We don't know a whole lot about him, and we are hoping that someone can rescue him and get him the help he needs. We vaccinated him today and put First Defense Flea Treatment that someone donated.  He is a Neutered male, and he is underweight. 

Please contact us!

Ron and Linda Lefebvre