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Houston TX: Adopt Dog-friendly Maine Coon Mirabel

Subject: A big (cat) girl who loves dogs: Mirabel is amazing! (Houston)
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Everyone knows that cats are too independent to be good companions.  And that they only want to do their own thing, regardless of what anyone else wants.  Really??  Well, meet Mirabel, who will change your mind about all that!

Mirabel is originally from Baton Rouge’s Garden District, where she and her kittens were guarding the pier and beam foundation of a house.  Luckily, Becky and a 7-year old boy rescued the cats and they were on their way to the good life.  Turns out that Mirabel loves dogs and has a charm quotient that is off the charts.  She’s a major snuggler and she can be happy chilling out with you or playing games…up to you.

Mirabel’s kittens all got great homes soon after their rescue.  Mirabel, however, moved with Becky to Houston but still is waiting for her own perfect home.  Mirabel is spayed.

This is an awesome cat.   Big cats have some kind of secret therapy in them….when you cuddle up with a big cat, you just feel better!

Mirabel is an inside cat.  Becky can keep her three more months, and if needed she could transport as far as Lafayette.  Please contact Becky and pass this on!


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Here are some additional photos of my mama kitty, Mirabel.  Also, I have attached a video that I took yesterday morning.  She is in great need of her vaccinations and grooming (she needs to be shaved).  I cannot afford any of this care right now.  It saddens me that I can't, that's why I need to find her a great forever home...She is a beauty!
Here's a link to the video:

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