Monday, June 16, 2014

Jasper TN on border with AL: Urgent! Please help deteriorating Great Pyr "Chunky Monkey" who wondered up after tornadoes

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From: Beverly King <>
Date: Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 10:37 AM
Subject: Please Help: Chunky Monkey need a Home!!!!!
To: Beverly King <>
Can anyone take Chunky Monkey, a beautiful dog!!!!  Read his story.   I will send out information about the other animals  later when I have time to consolidate everything.   If anyone in the Memphis area can take Chunky Monkey, I will work on some help for transporting.   I believe this situation is in the Jasper, TN or AL area.


I'm helping a friend right now try to home some dogs that belong to an 88 year old woman with colon cancer and she has had a stroke.
She lives on a mountain in East Tennessee at the Tennessee/Alabama border.
There is a beautiful Great Pyrenees Mix that wondered up after the tornadoes. 
My friend, Sharon Horn, named him Chunky Monkey. He's been fully vetted and 100% healthy, heart worm negative.
The vet said he's about 10 years old, but in incredible physical shape. His teeth had just been recently cleaned, so he was greatly cared for and loved by someone.
Sharon thinks maybe his owners must have been killed in the tornadoes.
He's a great big sweetheart baby, gets along well with all people, children, cats and other dogs.
Sharon has had him in boarding since she found him Easter Sunday, paying directly out of her pocket.
He's in shelter, sleeping in a bed, has toys, but not getting the love and attention his breed needs from humans, and his health is deteriorating. He's very depressed. 
She has grown very attached to him, but she said it would be selfish for her to keep him for herself. 
She is leaving the mountain soon, and we've got to get this woman's dogs and 2 cats homes, plus Chunky Monkey a home.
When Sharon arrived, the authorities had threatened to take the ladies animals away from her and euthanize them, so we've got that worry. Sharon has helped clean up the place for the lady so they wouldn't be killed.
Then  Chunky Monkey wondered up. If you know anyone that could help us network these dogs and 2 cats, I would appreciate it. I guess we are being selfish, but we want to get Chunky Monkey safe first. 
All these dogs have lived in horrible conditions before Sharon came.  They are all seniors, and this lady is living in filth, but had no choice, with nobody to help her.
So, I'm going to attach a picture of Chunky Monkey. Then later I'll send pictures of the others. I know you've got your hands full.
You know so many rescues, hopefully someone will help, especially Chunky Monkey. He's just adorable!
Thank you for all you do to save so many!