Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Los Angeles area: Ollie (Orange Tabby DECLAW) Needs A Home!

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From: Cindy Paul <>
Date: Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 4:37 PM
Subject: Ollie (Orange Tabby DECLAW) Needs A Home!! (Los Angeles area)

If you have any potential adopters looking for a DECLAW, and you don't have one, please let them know about Ollie. He's being networked by two Rescuers, Melanie Conrand and Paula Maxwell, and they only have a few weeks to find a new situation for him. I know there are often people out there looking for a declaw, but do not want to actually declaw a cat. You can refer people to Melanie directly (see below), or have them contact me.


Thanks so much,

Ollie is sad. His Dad recently died and his Mom is ill and can no longer care for him. He's such a loving cat but he needs a new home where he can feel safe. Ollie is a gorgeous burnt orange Tabby DECLAW. He's friendly and talkative, with many stories to tell. He had an eye infection as a kitten and his eyes have a permanent blue/green cast, but he sees just fine and does not need meds. He's 5 years old but still likes to play and get pets. He loves people and is good with dogs. He's a wonderful kitty-boy that needs a second chance at the good life. If you would like to meet Ollie, please contact: Melanie Conrad: 626.695.2820 or