Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mesa AZ: Possibly put to death 5AM this morning 6/21/14 - Mixed breed shaggy gold dog with many wounds

Facebook photo/thread

He was neutered yesterday 6/20 and given a "mercy grooming" so don't know whether they really went through with putting him to sleep at 5AM today. Info is pasted herebelow and also in the FB link above.

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E228 / A3468200 
STRAY Intake Date: 6/13/2014 S5 TEM-HUM

06/13/14 12:18 Dog has multiple wounds throughout body
6/13/14 2:56 pm Dog is growling so can not fully exam. I do note wounds on the dog's back and the dog's front legs. Give cephalexin 750 mg BID PO am___, pm____ x 10 days. If comes through clinic for sterilization may need to clip and clean various wounds at that time. 
6/14/14 6:55 am No change. 
6/15/14 13:14 No change. Dog still will not allow exam, growling. 
6/16/14 7:23a No change. Growling, will not come in from outside protion of kennel. 
6/17/14 6:57a No change.

At risk for euthanasia at 5am, Saturday, June 21st.

MCACC East (602-506-PETS)
2630 W. Rio Salado Pkwy. Mesa, AZ 85201
Hours open: 11AM-6PM Monday-Friday
11AM-5PM Saturday & Sunday
MCACC East is closed the last Sunday of every month.

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