Sunday, July 13, 2014

Baldwin Park CA: Stunning young Pit is URGENT. Impounded with leg injury in May (patella luxation?), TeBone is down to final days A4715312 (Los Angeles County facility)

From: nicky gj <>
Date: Sun, Jul 13, 2014 at 10:03 AM
Subject: FW: URGENT: Injured pittie pup down to final days at Baldwin Park (TeBone, 4715312)

Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2014 19:23:20 -0700
Subject: URGENT: Injured pittie pup down to final days at Baldwin Park (TeBone, 4715312)

Even the worst dog owner has a tough time stepping up to the receiving window at a shelter and looking the clerk in the eye and saying that he's surrendering their dog (a puppy no less) because he's injured and they don't want to pay for his treatment. So instead they go with the handy excuse "we're moving."

That's what happened with TeBone, who was surrendered in late May and amazingly enough is still alive at the Baldwin Park Shelter.

His injury - a left leg injury that will require surgery (possibly patella luxation for you armchair vets at home), creates a noticeable limp, but this is still an incredibly sweet and happy pup (see below for temp test results). He's also gorgeous, but the public hasn't shown any interest in adopting him with unknown medical expenses, and he's now completely out of time.

To see this wonderful boy in action, watch his video clips:

If you can rescue TeBone, please call the shelter at 626-430-2378 and contact me. If you can't do that but can make a donation to help a rescue save this lovable dog and get the medical care that he requires, that will be much appreciated, and let me ( know. I'll start off by pledging $20, and there's already a $350 medical donation.

Rob & TeBone

Date: 7-01-14


1. General Personality: B
2. Stare Test: A
3. Dog-to-Dog Interaction: n/a

Initial In-Cage Evaluation Total Score: 9
In-Cage Evaluation Letter Grade: n/a


1. Social Interaction: A
2. Sensitivity: A
3. Food Aggression: A
4. Resource Guarding: A
5. Dog-to-Dog Aggression: B

Full Evaluation Total Score: 24


B - This is a dog that is highly adoptable but may need obedience training, additional socialization, or minor behavior modification.

Additional Comments:

TeBone (4715312) is a very affectionate dog that enjoys being petted and playing fetch. He will make a great family dog for a family that can take care of his medical conditions.

Training and socializing are a must. Children should be supervised. When another dog approached him he was interested but showed no aggression. He tried to play with the small dog, but was too rough. He needs to be introduced properly to all dogs.
He showed no food aggression or resource guarding.