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Bridgewater NJ: Adopt Frank the Pit Bull Terrier, Ready for Adoption!

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Subject: Bridgewater, NJ Frank, Pit Bull Terrier, Ready for Adoption!!

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Contact Somerset Regional Animal Shelter, Bridgewater, NJ   908.725.0308 

Existing in a small crate in a run-down, garbage-strewn garage with barely enough room to stand or turn around, the sweet brown dog with soulful eyes we named Frankie was discovered. Urine-soaked wood chips served as his bed, and filthy, fly-infested water was his only nourishment. The garage windows were so dirty and grease covered that only a dim light shone through. Frankie, emaciated and shaking with fear, desperately waited to be saved from this house of horrors. There were other dogs living on the property, too. Mama, Frankie's mom, was locked in an upstairs bedroom where all she had to eat was a mattress, soaked in human and dog body fluids, and all she had to drink was her own urine. Priscilla, Frankie's younger sister, was locked in a dark basement clinging to the ledge because the stairs had collapsed. Thor, his father, bald from mange and barely able to stand, was locked in a closed carrier in the garage with Frankie. The conditions were so atrocious that responding police officers were unable to stomach the sights and smells and would not enter the property. When animal control officers from Somerset Regional Animal Shelter arrived on scene they put aside the nauseating smells and disturbing images of bloody mattresses, feces and urine-ridden rooms, and ropes hanging from the bedposts. Instead, they focused on one goal: rescuing those ill, petrified, starving dogs.

Fast forward ten months. Mama, Priscilla, and Thor have all long since been adopted and are living blissfully in their forever homes. Frankie, however, still sits at the shelter and waits for the right person to walk through those doors and take him home. You see, Frankie has had the hardest time out of all of the dogs from that house. He was the most terrified, the most emotionally scarred, and most likely, the most abused and neglected. Looking into Frankie's eyes, one can see that this poor boy has endured things that no creature, human or animal, should ever have to go through. At first, Frankie was so traumatized and afraid of being hurt again that he wasn't sure if he should let anyone show him love and affection. And why should he? Humans have certainly let him down during his short life so far. But slowly, gradually, with a great deal of love, patience, and training from the dedicated staff members and volunteers from SRAS and Sammy's Hope, the real Frankie began to emerge. The goofy, playful, trusting Frankie. The Frankie that tries to sit on your lap and lick your face. The Frankie that just wants someone to love him and give him a chance.

Frankie's ideal home would be with dog-savvy, experienced owners who understand that his past still haunts him. While he's come a long way from that frightened and distressed pup in the garage, he needs structure, guidance, exercise, and enduring reassurance in order to continue to heal and live the life he deserves. Frankie enjoys the company of certain dogs but should not live with cats or young children.  Frankie is very tolerant of handling but is mouthy in a very playful way and young children may be nervous about this behavior.  He has learned "release" and lets go immediately when this command is used.

In humans, trust has to be earned and forgiveness is a process. In animals, trust and forgiveness are often given almost inherently regardless of how they have been treated. We will never know exactly what went on in that house of horrors, but despite all he's experienced, Frankie is miraculously able to find the good in people and has put his horrific past behind him. He is ready for the next chapter of his life...a real home.
Niki Dawson
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