Monday, July 14, 2014

California City CA: 14 dogs/14 cats killed 7/13/14! Please help the full shelter any way you can

The California City Animal Shelter Page
5000 Lindberg Street California City CA 93505

Shelter is open 8 am to 12 pm daily

There are no ID numbers and no "rescue partners".
Animals can be rescued by 501c3 only.
Animals can be adopted locally or out of area; out of area, adopters must organize boarding/vetting/transport etc., prior to adoption.

California City Shelter is a city shelter, it is funded through the police department.

This shelter only takes local animals..., but this city is 203.6 sq miles of mostly desert and is sadly a place where many, many people dump their animals from other areas. This shelter fills fast. On Monday, alone, 8 dogs (Pete & Paul, Buster, Rage & Bull, Winnie & Felicia and Joey) and 1 cat (Neon) came in.
We already had Tommy, Mathew, Jerry, Sheeba, Freddy, Athena, Jorge, Millie & Jill in the shelter plus Johnny at foster. That makes a grand total of 19 AVAILABLE dogs and 5 Available cats...
The shelter has 18 dog kennels and 20 cat cages.

Now, how do you save a life?
Pledge $ to help rescues be able to take in another.
Share them regularly.

If you are a rescue that is 501c, animals are free to you.
If you are an adopter, dogs are 75.00 cats 65.00.
If you can not make it during business hrs. (We are open every single day except major holidays from 8 am to noon and while that does upset some people we do not have enough consistent help to remain open more hrs.) Contact us via phone or FB (Facebook is actually going to get you faster results as it is monitored by volunteers and your questions will get answered the same day in most cases and typically the volunteers will assist with getting animals to the vet or boarding within reasonable distances)

THIS album gets updated as consistently as possible, these are the animals in the shelter that are either on stray hold (three days) or available. Once adopted or rescued they are moved to the no longer available album (of that year) so that rescues are able to collect pledges or update on the pictures if they so choose.
Please, always check the whole album, so many times 1 gets seen because that one gets shared in the right place while the rest are overlooked. We have some amazing dogs and cats, they all deserve a chance.

If you are interested in rescuing or adopting this (or any) animal you can contact by email at: