Monday, July 7, 2014

Camden AR: Mike the Pit bull had a sad life

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Date: Mon, Jul 7, 2014 at 2:25 PM
Subject: Fw: Mike the pit bull

Ellen (Kay) Tutt is a friend of mine who moved to Camden, AR many years ago.  She is trying to save some of the dogs in that area.   If anyone, a rescue group or individual, can help Mike, please contact her.  On one of the attachments below, there is information about Mike and his sad life, as well as Ellen's contact information.  Please cross post.  Someone just may be wanting a bully!  Thanks!


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Subject: Mike the pit bull

The photos are blurred.  Taken before he was signed over, so you can see his shabby surroundings.


Mike the pit bull was surrendered by his owner who was in jail and couldn't

take care of him, not that he'd been doing a good job of it before he went

to jail. Mike was kept on a heavy chain with a barrel for shelter. His space

was muddy, filthy and strewn with junk and trash, including broken glass.

When I first went to see him, he smiled at me! He was so glad to have a

visitor and we went back several times, taking him food and treats. As

soon as we got the word that his owner had signed him over, we took him

out of there and he's now safe and comfortable. We haven't been able to

find him a home yet, or a foster home, so he is boarded with my vet. He's

had shots and has been wormed – a massive load of whipworms had him

run-down. He's HW negative. 

Mike is sweet and friendly and loves people. He seems to be tolerant of

other dogs but has not been loose with others. He's not a young dog,

perhaps six. He's exactly the dog I'd want to foster if I could. Nothing is

more rewarding than giving a dog from miserable surroundings a fun and

cushy life with love and attention. 

He weighs about 60 pounds. He hasn't been neutered, but I will have that

done when adoption application has been made and approved. We're in


Call, text or email with questions.

Ellen Tutt

870 818-0411