Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cleveland NC: 10 BEAUTIFUL black shaggy MIXED BREED dogs under 60 pounds in URGENT need! Ages 2-6. Home being foreclosed!!!

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There are ten left who need rescue out of an original 32. Please try to focus less on their precise DNA combo and more actively on securing rescue or sharing them to all-breed rescuers if you can.

Please kindly CONTACT Sybil Prosser at highplainspaw@gmail.com (at gmail.com) or contact Jeanne Casper ON FACEBOOK. It was Jeanne's deceased sister who owned the dogs :-(

The biggest is probably Walker at about 55-60 lbs. None are heartworm tested. Most of the adults that have been rescued so far were negative.
Rachel Lambert (who rescued many of them) wrote on a Facebook thread July 5th: "more than 32, there were also 2 new litters of puppies. The family has been working with the ones who were left because they would not let anyone near them. I am so glad they are doing better now, they are beautiful dogs! A couple of them (Hermione and Beau) have some Chow features but most of them look like Flat Coat Retriever or Newfoundland mixes. Walker is large like a Newfie, Jack and Jill are small and look like black Aussies."

From: Kelly <kittypaws20@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 3:08 AM
Subject: Cleveland NC: 10 beautiful flat-coated retrievers (?) in URGENT need! ages 2-6, home being foreclosed!!!