Thursday, July 31, 2014

Downey CA: RIP RE: Handsome white 1-yr-old boy cat was available yesterday and now moved to Bldg 9 where public won't see him

Update. He was killed at 11:18 AM today pursuant to the shelter labeling him as aggressive.
9 AM
A4738128 was impounded July 26th and available July 30th. Now he may be sick (URI is a common occurrence in shelters) because they have moved him to Bldg. 9 which is where sick and isolated pets go. If URI (upper respiratory infection), it is easy to treat but often a quicker-than-usual death sentence for shelter cats.
The shelter is the contact. The shelter is full, as are many of the municipal and county facilities. If you wish to reach volunteers who may advise re adopting, fostering, or pledging, please email Allyson Sims at (

Click for his record in the database, viewable as long as he is alive and available:
County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control-Our Animals-Our Animals Search Detail 

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