Monday, July 28, 2014

Downey CA: Spay wasn't sutured right! re: GOOD NEWS! RE: MEGA Urgent. Impounded pregnant, got URI, spayed at shelter, adopter cancelled! Tabby girl needs better luck than she has been having :-(

  • Volunteer Kathy Darnell-Warner wrote last night that Pamela Geisel just received Kathy's request from the morning about being the rescue for Lucky. Since she is geographically closer to Adrienne Hagen of - who is doing the vetting of Missy through her Sherman Oaks vet - than Darlene Sears of KittyKatchers,  and Adrienne has worked with Pamela before, LUCKY will be going to Pamela when she is well instead of to Darlene. Darlene agreed. Pamela Geisel is with Heaven on Earth Society for Animals.
    More news from the vet via Adrienne 7/28. The vet reported during today's visit that poor Lucky has "Large hernia and uri. Eating dry food well. From spay that needs to be repaired. The body wall wasn't sutured well, so the cat has a hernia from fat and omentum sliding out of the incision, but the skin is closed over it"
    Kathy Darnell-Warner translates this to mean "More surgery for this poor cat because it wasn't done properly to begin with." Grrrrrr.
    Please send any donations you can to Adrienne Hagen @ Please share.
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  • 7/27/14 POST

Yay! Freedom photo - by Volunteer Stephanie A. - of "Lucky" the Cat now safely at Sherman Oaks Vet --- freed from Downey Animal Shelter. Cat Connection Rescuer Adrienne Hagen is doing the vetting, then Darlene Sears of Kitty Katchers will take her after she's well. 
Please contact the rescuers with any offers to donate or foster, or to submit applications for adoption. and/or for Kitty Katchers of Los Angeles see
Thanks to all who helped A4732729!

7/26 POST
This beautiful 1-yr-old was impounded July 12th. Please may she have better luck than she has been having. She has $110 pledged so far. She is sick but shelter vet says they are keeping an eye on her. Request for extension today was denied by the shelter. She is still showing in the database as alive and available. TO REACH HELPFUL VOLUNTEERS,  PLEASE EMAIL VOLUNTEER ALLYSON SIMS AT (GMAIL.COM)

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