Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Downey CA: GOOD NEWS FOLLOW-UP! 7/30 FREEDOM PHOTOS! RE: Extension RETRACTED!!! MUST BE OUT BY END OF TODAY 7/28 RE:Urgent! 3-mo-old orange & white kitten A4736531 has extension to 7/30


He is safe and out of Downey. He just has an eye infection. If I see further news, I will add it here. Thanks to all who are helping him. There are oodles more of adorable kittens in danger at Downey if you wish to adopt, rescue or foster!
7/28 POST
2:20 PM - Loran Slama found a foster for this kitty and will get him out of Downey today! Please CONTACT RESCUER LORAN AT ( with any offers to donate, apply to adopt, or other questions. Thanks for crossposting for him!
10:30 AM POST
A volunteer found out thirty minutes ago from the shelter that they have retracted their extension for him. He now must be out by end of today. I believe that means 7PM. PLEASE RESCUE THIS CUTIE!
9:39 AM POST

Got Upper Respiratory Infection but shelter is treating him and he is improving. He was on the put-to-death list but someone championed him and he was removed from list. He was impounded 7/22. He has been given an extension to 7/30. Please rescue or adopt. The shelter is the contact (see his record in the database). If you would like to contact volunteers to pledge or request help in adoption, please email Allyson Sims at (

Click for his record in the database which will be viewable as long as he is alive and available:
County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control-Our Animals-Our Animals Search Detail

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