Friday, July 11, 2014

Ellenwood GA: New pics. No Offers Yet for Cats! They Need Homes ASAP!

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Date: Fri, Jul 11, 2014 at 5:36 PM
Subject: Ellenwood, GA - No Offers Yet/Need Homes ASAP!
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   We want to come inside!
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These 3 cats (1 siamese, 1 gray & white tux, 1 black & white tux) are vetted and looking for homes.

They've had a tough life. Their owner Lanie died, and a neighbor, Jerry, took over feeding them in his yard. Jerry has very serious health issues and is back in the hospital right now. Because of his illness, Jerry can't take care of anything -- his house, his yard, the cats. Jerry's yard is a true hazard, and several kittens have died or disappeared.

A good samaritan took these 3 cats to Lifeline to be fixed. Unfortunately, because of Jerry's deteriorating health and living conditions, they cannot return to the property.

All 3 are very social, very sweet, and are now spayed, and vaccinated.  After their spay surgery, they had to stay in their crates for 8 days in a utility shed with no a/c and flies everywhere. The good samaritan has been trying very hard to find somewhere for them to go with no luck.

Today, another neighbor agreed to let them stay on her porch for one week only, but after that, they have no options other than animal control.

PLEASE help network these beautiful adoptable cats! Local transport can be arranged.

FYI: There are 4 more adults and several orange kittens still in the yard -- 2 nursing calicos, a gray and white, and a gorgeous fluffy lynx siamese. We do not know if anyone is feeding them anymore, or if they are now essentially on their own. But time has come to an end for them as well, and they must be relocated asap.

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