Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fontana CA: PROGRESS! More help needed RE: Owner died leaving 20 cats & a dog behind. If no rescue is found they'll be surrendered at San Bernardino Shelter - high kill!

Good news!  The doggie has found a home with one of the family members who will also be taking two of the bonded cats, Scooter & Mouser.  The five kittens are going in to a reputable rescue.  Another rescue in Victorville is offering to take 4 of the adults and put them up for adoption in their Petsmart (not sure which cats yet). 
With everyone's help networking, we've made great progress!!!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU, one and all!!
I'm attaching new photos that have each animal's name along with some info on their temperaments, as well.
There's an additional $100. pledged (via Face book) in addition to the $800. available to help with vet care.  Apparently, none of these cats are spayed (are all females inside?!) and some of them have terrible ear mites.  There are, apparently, two male cats living outside the trailer that the mother was feeding (no photos avail as of yet).  Shelby's step father doesn't know if they can be picked up or not.
Please keep networking them for homes?  The 22nd will be here soon and the trailer must be empty for a final walk through.
Again, many heart felt thanks!!

 July 10, 2014

Daughter is only in town for two weeks (making funeral arrangements, closing out the house, moving her elderly father in to assisted living).  Her elderly mother died leaving behind 20 cats (including 5 kittens in a bathroom) and a dog - with no plan for their future!  Attached are some of the photos and descriptions she sent me.  If homes are not found they will be surrendered to San Bernardino County Shelter - one of the worst in Southern CA (very high kill)!
PLEASE take a moment to circulate this plea among your friends in the rescue community.  Don't let these poor creatures end up being euthanized in a shelter.  Most of them are friendly, sweet, lap cats, now terrified because their entire world has just changed.
The home is located in Fontana and the daughter's name is Shelby.  Her cell # is: (262) 914-5518.
Thank you for your help!!