Friday, July 18, 2014

GIRARD GA: Need Rescue! Basset/Lab and Brindle Pit Bull Puppy Abandoned SEVEN DAYS inside house

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Subject: GIRARD, GA. Dog and Pit Bull Puppy Abandoned SEVEN DAYS inside house Need Rescue!!

These two dogs were abandoned inside a house for seven days when their owners decided to just pick up and leave the house they were renting.

Thank God a good Samaritan knew these people and had tried to help them before with other problems they had.  She called the landlord and had her let her into the home for the dogs.

They had NO FOOD and NO WATER.  She found dirty baby diapers strewn about the house and torn apart. I don't need to say more as to the survival of these two poor dogs.  What sorry low life to do animals this way!

I asked her to file a report and cruelty charges for the dogs and God only knows how they treat the two children and she is expecting another.  If they will do this to animal once, they will do it again!  A report has been filed not only for the dogs but also concern for the children in their care.

These two precious dogs desperately need a rescue as Quenby has SEVEN dogs now, many that were dumped and took residence at her home because they knew she would feed them.

She lives on a BUSY Road and has no fencing and is concerned they will be HBC.  PLEASE Cross-Post for these two dogs who desperately need rescue.

Dooley is the Brindle Puppy and as sweet as he is beautiful. Shawnee is a spayed female, we think basset and lab mix.  She has a big head and small body with little bowed out legs like a basset.

She is house trained and is sweet as can be.  She is also very loving and wants to come inside but the girl is not able to let her stay in because of her husband's preferences.

I am beyond full at my own rescue or I would take them in a heartbeat. There is no room at the Inn...There is NO AC here and the closest shelter is killing 500 animals per month now...Please help me help these two dogs!

Please contact me if you can help one or both of these precious dogs!


Samantha Holton
Founder and Director
Girard Lifesaver Rescue, Inc.

Dogs are notorious for hope. . .  Every morning, in shelters all over America, thousands of dogs and cats awake to their last day with gladness in their hearts.

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