Saturday, August 2, 2014

HOUSTON TX: NO RESPONSE! RE: ABANDONED! Four kitties need rescue from the streets

Lily reports that nobody has inquired about rescuing these kitties :-(
What needs to happen for someone to be moved to get them to safety and a future!?!?
7/28 POST
Abandonment is a crime in most states.


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Subject: abandoned by their family, kittens and young adults

Please see email below,
Lady needs help with abandoned kittens, the adults look young/small. Can anyone help....I cannot take them. Maybe several rescues could each take one and save this family. Please contact Lily,

LMN Feline Rescue

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Subject: Stray kittens

we had a neighbor move and left four cats (2 adults, 2 young). They have been on our street for two weeks and we are feeding but unable to maintain and the other neighbors are now threatening to call the SPCA.

Lily 713-501-0443