Sunday, August 17, 2014

Marina del Rey CA: GOOD NEWS! RE: Adopt, foster, or sponsor Blossom the Crimestopping Cane Corso rescued by Dirty Dog Squad

Dave reports that Blossom was adopted a couple of weeks ago and is VERY HAPPY. Thanks to all who crossposted for her. Bravo, Blossom!
7/21 POST
Blossom is still inviting applications from adoptable humans.

Blossom's page at Dirty Dog Squad
On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 2:34 PM, Dave K <> wrote:
  Blossom is a shy young Cane Corso who loves everyone, but two would-be assailants discovered a different side of this gentle giant when they attacked her dog walker. "There's no doubt Blossom saved me", said Mary, the woman walking with Blossom. "They were up to no good. They wanted to hurt me".     
Blossom was rescued as a stray herself from a high-kill Los Angeles public shelter by Dirty Dog Squad, a small nonprofit animal rescue. She was being boarded at a nearby vet office while the group searched for a foster or adopting home for her. Mary, an employee at the office, took Blossom out for walks several times a day and the two had become close friends. "We were just coming back to the office, when a homeless man, screaming and acting crazy, rushed towards us', explains Mary. "I told him to stay away from us but he kept coming right up to me. I was terrified."   
Blossom sensed Mary in danger and jumped in front of the attacker, barking, and pushing the man away. As Blossom stood her ground,  Mary was also being threatened by a second assailant sneaking up on her from behind. Blossom turned and charged him too.
In the attack, Mary was knocked to the ground, striking her head and losing consciousness. "When I came to,  Blossom was literally standing on top of me, licking my face. The men were gone but she wouldn't move from me". A passerby called 911 and offered to hold Blossom, but she wasn't moving.  Blossom stayed by Mary's side, protecting her, and wouldn't leave until another employee form the vet's office who Blossom also knew came by.
Mary was admitted to the hospital with head and rib injuries and was discharged a few days later.  
 "Everyone is charmed by Blossom",  said David,  a spokesman for Dirty Dog Squad. "She seduces you at first sight with those light eyes and big beautiful head. Even in the stress of the shelter, we could tell she had a gentle spirit and wanted to make sure she was adopted by a special family. We didn't want her getting picked up by the people who trawl the shelters looking for bait dogs for fighting, or someone who would leave her locked up in the backyard."  
Blossom  likely spent her whole life locked in a kennel and used for breeding multiple litters, before being  cast away onto the streets.  She had no idea how to get into a car, had probably never been inside a house, and didn't even know how to go up or down a flight of stairs.  
Dirty Dog Squad is looking for a forever home for Blossom. She is great with strangers ( the non-attacking kind)  and children.  Despite he size, she is a gentle, mellow old soul of a dog.
  '"I always knew Blossom was incredibly smart and amazing",  said Mary.  her voice starting to crack.  "I was unconscious on the ground and there were these two crazy men and there was only Blossom to stop them. She's my hero. Blossom may have even saved my life."    
For more information on how you can thank Blossom visit Dirty Dog Squad's website - You can find information on fostering or adopting Blossom, and make a donation to help support the costs of boarding, feeding and caring for her until she finds a permanent home.