Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Metairie LA: 7/8 UPDATE! $$$ requested for Duke & Dutchess (formerly of Natchitoches) swept to safety (temp foster). Apply to Foster/Adopt!!!

7/7 POST
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Trevor Madlem Juanita said she got tons of concerned calls but no one stepped up to the plate for these two... My wife and I are driving up there tomorrow to pick them up and bring them back closer to New Orleans to a vet for an exam, shots, and they will be quarantined there for 10 days. Not IF but WHEN they are cleared by the vet we will be looking for a foster or adopter. We have short-term living arrangements lined up for them. Unfortunately we don't have a ton of time to coordinate and plan, but they WILL NOT be dying tomorrow.
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COURTESY POST: URGENT IN Natchitoches Parish!!   

Contact immediately: Juanita at: 318-471-0546 or by e-mail: jmurf@suddenlink.net     (at    suddenlink.net).

Transport can probably be arranged.

ALL Natchitoches Animal Service Dogs are going to be euthanized at 7:00 am Tuesday morning (7/8/14) unless someone can take them and quarantine them for 10 days.

We are trying to save these 2 recent owner surrenders.  Vets are full and ... See More