Sunday, July 20, 2014

Orange County CA: GOOD NEWS! RE: Ivy still URGENTLY needs a home---the others have places re: Urgent! Four owned cats, one Lionhead Bunny, & one young Bearded Dragon

HOORAY! All Kathryn's pets in need have placement either with rescues or adopters. For further info, please contact Kathryn or the original poster Critter Protector Kat Parker at
Thanks to all who valiantly crossposted and saved!
Adopt Ivy the amusing, playful 3-year-old girl who was found in a hedge when a kitten

Contact Kathryn at 714-512-4197 or (

Thanks to many people networking, Kathryn's pets in this post have mostly been spoken for. The bunny and dragon are headed to Oceanside and the three long-haired cats are headed to Malibu. Ivy however still needs a home or rescuer. Kathryn described Ivy:

and adds in her Facebook post:
Ivy - In the last 6 month showed some strange behavior that, when I looked it up, sounded like hyperesthesia? Also changed her dry food, added wet and she rarely shows any symptoms. Otherwise she has been very healthy and no health issues.
7/17 POST
Besides the three long-haired 7-yr-old cats, I overlooked Ivy the 3-year-old short-haired cat and have added her info here.

Kathryn Rice has received some inquiries re the three other cats (Flower, Snoopy and Belle), Miley the Bunny, and the Chinese bearded dragon. She is still in discussion with people SO PLEASE CONTACT HER IF INTERESTED, but time is short as she only received three days' notice from her landlord.

There is more info in Kathryn's Facebook photo/thread at Post by Kathryn Rice.
7/15 POST

 Pets are in  Huntington Beach 
 look alike 
 Kathryn's bunny 
Please see Kathryn Rice' appeal for help. She is experiencing a housing crisis and must rehome her pets.

If this embedded Facebook post doesn't display here, click on:
Post by Kathryn Rice.

Kathryn's  number is 714-512-4197 and email is (

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