Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Orlando FL: Update. Pup A294404 needs RESCUE?

The "isolation" photo album is HERE
Update. Since I posted for A294404 on 7/10, I notice today this poor fellow has been named Snowball.  I cannot locate his status among all the flurry of comments though. The Friends of OC Shelter photo has been shared on Facebook at least 14,200 times and there are at least 1,158 comments. When I click on the link to his record in the Orange County database, I get: error '80020009'
/dept/CEsrvcs/animal/NetPets/AnimalDetail.asp, line 136
and I cannot presume to know from that what Snowball's status is, whether still there, adopted, rescued (or killed). 

There is also a scared Rottweiler mix Animal ID: A295665 in the "isolation" photo album who is set to die tomorrow 7/17; he has one application on him but the shelter requires interaction with other dog before letting him go (and we all know that temperament testing of any kind in the shelter environment is a questionable exercise). He has been impounded since the 9th. Second applications are routinely welcome, according to the shelter. I hope he makes it out alive by tomorrow.

Please consult the Facebook community page Friends of OCAS Animals at to see if you can help impounds in Orlando FL. All the dogs and cats need friendly visitors, champions, sponsors, and adopters.

Facebook can be good for sharing but often FB thread comments get out of order, people don't read the instructions on how to adopt, waste time with certain comments, and some questions are asked and answered multiple times which makes the threads even longer and therefore more confusing. Please see Leslie Churchwell's helpful comment:
Leslie Churchwell Y'all r asking all The same Qs 300Xs!- he has a name , for th e 10th time, of The gals named him 'Snowball'  --- as for isolation...THIS has been answered over a dozen times and half of those from the charge at The pound: Je is EXTREMELY SCARED OBVIOUSLY, but has also been abused his whole life, and is acting out in fear and Instinct to defend himhimself. Yes, veru sad.-there r sev.people saying they will adopt, and even one nice lady who I have msged that os serious, but would need HELP so she is trying to get him, work with OCAS and put a plan in isn't a simple process. Next, no u cannot adopt out of state. Next after that, look in comments above, if u ha e any serious Qs, ones mkt already answered, about helping or adopting him, u must contact the admin. & fill out The question form above (she jas posted it at least u can ALWAYS do that if u like  -and Veru importantly (I heard someone say this doesnt happen), dogfighting is soooooo rampant in FL, ESP.CENTRAL FLORIDA, that it is a constant prob.every second every day. ..u bet your BUTT people go to these pounds to collect bait animals. ..happens every day here! !! Most Florida people already def.kno that. ..but some that jave never been around the or I'm rescue, or havent lived here long, still dont realize. But the state ment that the shelter animalz don't get taken out by dogfighters is EXTREMELY untrue, unfortunately.  and lastly, the workeds here do what they can a lot of times (not always, but thers r ones that care). Either way, they r following the rules and for everyones safety. ..u don't realize how over capacity they r...they don't have too much choice isolating tjis sweet,'Snowball' ...  THANKU-and if anyone needs help or otherinfo u can msg me In case I can help 

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