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Chicago IL: Adopt A Dog At Chicago Animal Care & Control

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Date: Aug 1, 2014 9:13 PM
Subject: Chicago, IL - Adopt A Dog At Chicago Animal Care & Control

Chicago, IL - Adopt A Dog At Chicago Animal Care & Control

August 1, 2014

Dear Friends of Petraits,
I visited the Chicago Animal Care and Control shelter in Chicago this week. With the help of dedicated volunteers Lisa, Roxana and Melissa, we photographed every dog in Adoption Pavilion "A" who has been there for longer than one month (Petraits attached).

They all deserve fantastic homes and when they get adopted, move into foster care, or are taken on by rescue groups, more dogs caged in the other pavilions can be moved for the public to see and adopt.

Summer, a three-year-old, fawn female pit bull terrier-mix came into CACC as a stray. She is a nice gentle snuggler, but also very playful. She just loves to play ball! Her tail is always happily wagging and she knows the commands sit and down. She's a friendly girl with nice manners. You can find her in cage 55. It's hard to tell how fun and lovely she is until you get her out of the cage.
Shane, is an 18-month-old, high-energy but fun, fun, fun, black and white, male pit bull terrier-mix. He came into CACC as a stray. He has a cropped tail and is full of kisses and nub wiggles. He gets along with other dogs and plays in play groups at the shelter. He is a big energetic attentive puppy. Typical of any young dog, he'll need some training, housebreaking and to learn some manners. You can find him in cage 80.
Tessa is one of my favorite dogs at the whole shelter. She is a beautiful, sweet, snuggly and lovable, one-year-old, female, chocolate and vanilla pit bull terrier-mix who came into CACC as an owner surrender. She is such a nice girl! Tessa knows the commands sit and down, and she takes treats ever so gently and appreciatively from your fingers. She is full of smiles and tail wags. She's wonderful with people, plays in doggie play group at the shelter, but can be a bit bossy with certain dogs. She's a friendly girl with nice manners, but you can't tell until you take her out of her shelter cage. You can find her in cage 26.
Whirlygig is a happy, friendly and energetic, one-year-old, female, pit bull terrier-mix with the exotic markings of a Catahoula Leopard Dog. She came into the shelter as a stray. She knows the commands sit and down and while she is high-energy, she settles down nicely after she's had some exercise. She is dog-social, and best in a home with teens and adults who can continue working on her training in commands and manners. You can find Whirlygig in cage 28.
Mason is a one-year-old, high-energy, toy and food-motivated male shepherd-mix who was confiscated from his previous owner for neglect. Now, when the volunteers take him out of his cage, his tail is always wagging and he rolls on his back for belly rubs. He is friendly with other dogs, but he gets overwhelmed in a play group; he's best one on one. You can find Mason in cage 35.
Rhino is a big, sweet, bouncy, goofy, strong and energetic, eight-month-old, male, blue and white, pit bull terrier-mix puppy who needs daily exercise to keep him happy. He is very responsive to people, and selective with his dog friends. You can find Rhino in cage 41.
Moe is a wiggly and affectionate, two-year-old, male blue and white pit bull terrier-mix. Moe's family surrendered him to the shelter. Moe loves people and is very friendly, high-energy and full of kisses and tail wags. He needs a new family who will give him daily exercise, and the training that all young dogs require. You can find Moe in cage 49.
Camilla is one of my very favorite dogs at the whole shelter. She is a one-year-old shepherd-mix with the softest fur and the sweetest eyes. She is calm, easy to handle, gentle and affectionate. She already knows the commands sit, down and paw and she takes treats very gently from from your fingers. This skinny girl also loves other dogs and plays well in doggie play groups at the shelter. She is full of kisses and tail wags for dogs and humans. She comes right over and leans into you for love and snuggles. You can find her in cage 82.

All the dogs are healthy, spayed/neutered (or will be upon adoption), up-to-date on vaccines, micro-chipped, de-wormed and heartworm-tested. CACC is at 2741 S. Western Avenue in Chicago and is open noon to 7:00 pm with an hour closure from 3:00 to 4:00. The dogs' adoption fee is $65. If you have questions about any of the dogs or want to make sure they are still available for adoption, foster or rescue, please contact 

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