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DFW TX: Now very URGENT - ADOPT / RESCUE / FOSTER - Please - READ THEIR STORIES - Young Orange Female / Baby Tuxedo / Tiny Baby Siamese

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Date: Thu, Aug 14, 2014 at 9:59 PM
Subject: DFW TX: Now very URGENT - ADOPT / RESCUE / FOSTER - Please - READ THEIR STORIES - Young Orange Female / Baby Tuxedo / Tiny Baby Siamese

CALL OR TEXT Laura at 214-949-2726 or EMAIL her at  (at

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Date: Thu, Aug 14, 2014 at 11:25 PM
Subject: 2nd PLEA - TX. DALLAS/FORT WORTH- Now very URGENT - ADOPT / RESCUE / FOSTER - Please - READ THEIR STORIES - Young Orange Female / Baby Tuxedo / Tiny Baby Siamese

Can anyone help?  Adopt or rescue even one of this cute threesome? 
 - Emily - Cute little orange tiger tabby girl - fixed / vaccinated / combo test.  Found in front of gate at Ferris Shelter.  Red ants had killed her babies - this was just so sad. She is a very SWEET and VERY LOVING girl.  Such a loving little young kitty.
 - Charger (also nicknamed Billy), very cute little Tuxedo boy - First vaccs / dewormed / combo tested.  Found as a starving baby kitten at a business off 114 about a month ago.  Rescued by the people that worked at the business when he crawled up under the hood of a Dodge Charger. Great little baby boy - adores other cats.  Cute as can be.
- Baby, little baby female Siamese, just precious.  Rescued from a shelter as a tiny baby. Loves to be held and cuddled.
Unfortunately, no one has helped ... please, they need a place to go. 
This cat and 2 kittens desperately need an adopter or a cat rescue.  ALL ARE AVAILABLE INDIVIDUALLY
CALL OR TEXT Laura at 214-949-2726 or EMAIL her at
CALL OR TEXT Laura at 214-949-2726 or EMAIL her at


We need an adopter / rescue group / or a foster for 2 baby kittens and a young cat - all with very special stories. Won't you take a moment and read

This is Emily.  She has a very sad story. She  is a young female orange tiger tabby that was left, pregnant, in a carrier out in the drive in front of the gate to the Ferris Shelter, a rural shelter just south of Dallas.  She was left overnight.  The ACO got there in the morning and sadly, found something so terrible.  She gave birth to kittens overnight and they were killed by red ants.  Some horrible person that left her, left her carrier on an ant mound and these ants attacked and killed the newborn babies. The ACO was so very upset.  It was terrible ... all someone had to do was call him. 

And they didn't.  They just left her. 

Emily was so very sad about losing her babies.  She was grieving.   


Meet Charger.  Also known as Billy today.  He also has a sad story.  He just almost nearly starved to death.   This little black and white adorable Tuxedo kitten showed up at a business off Hwy 114, all alone and truly thin.  Tiny.Just skin and bones.   Some of the people that worked at this business saw him in the parking lot, and what a kind group they were.  One lady went out to get into her car, a Dodge Charger (did you guess?), and saw this little guy go right up into the engine.  She went back in and several people went out and helped get him out from under the hood and engine, literally removing parts from under the hood to get him out. 

Obviously, they named him Charger. :-)  And the name Billy also fits him perfectly.  He's darling cute.  But he was alone and so scared and was mewing and all by himself. 


Now here's where the story comes together.  (Just like those movies with all the different story lines and it all comes together).  Laura offered to temporarily help with Charger, now also known as Billy and kept thinking about poor sweet Emily grieving for the loss of her babies.  This little tuxedo baby was so sad  too...

So she did what any wonderful animal loving person would do to help two grieving little kitties. 

She got Emily out of the Ferris Shelter and sure enough, Emily loved, loved, loved this little baby.  It only took a day or two and he was coming when she called and she was even trying to nurse him, although he was already weaned. Here they are today ...

And this is where the story even gets sweeter.  To help this little guy have a littermate, to understand about other kittens, and to learn what he needs to learn, now meet little Baby, a Siamese. 

She was sadly all alone at a local shelter and she was a tiny baby, very scared, who was immediately urgent, and needed somewhere to immediately go ...  she was so sad ...


All 3 have come together and created their very own special little family.  SO CUTE.

Momma loves on both of them ... and they LOVE each other too ...

Emily has been fixed, combo tested, and vaccinated.  She is a healthy, VERY LOVING and VERY, VERY sweet precious girl. This is just the best little kitty.  She has clearly been someone's indoor kitty and loves everyone and everything.  

Billy (or Charger) has been combo tested, dewormed, first set of vaccs, etc.  About 8-10 weeks old.  Very healthy, cute little guy that ADORES his adoptive mother Emily.  (We would absolutely love if this little guy could even be adopted with her - he is so very bonded to her. However, realistically we know that may not be possible.  We believe he definitely needs to at least be adopted into a home with another kitty.  Hoping it is Emily or maybe even Baby but regardless he needs to be with another kitty since he seems to be the one that needs another kitty the most.  He was out on his own, alone and scared, and he is now, so very happy.  He calls for Emily and loves playing with Baby.)

Baby is just precious.  Little baby girl.  Sweet as sweet can be.  About 6 weeks old.  Tiny.  Adores being held and loved.  Adores her adoptive momma and her just slightly older big brother. 

CAN ANYONE HELP?  PLEASE?   THEY NEED AN ADOPTER, OR A GREAT RESCUE GROUP.  PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!  Laura is not in cat rescue and really is hoping there is someone out there willing to help these 3 wonderful little kitties.  Even if you are interested only in one  - please, they need somewhere great to go.  

CALL OR TEXT Laura at 214-949-2726 or EMAIL her at