Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Forest Park GA: Update. Garfield did not make it :-( RE: ANOTHER Cat Mauled by Dogs Fights To Live!

Cathy reports Garfield did not make it.. So sad. I don't know if Ms. Dorothy received help with the bills.
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Subject: Forest Park, GA - ANOTHER Cat Mauled by Dogs Fights To Live!
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Ms. Dorothy feeds strays that were dumped on her property. She can't take them inside though they would love to come in, because she is at her limit.  Today, she called Gudi crying hysterically, saying, "Garfield was hurt bad."  Gudi rushed over and discovered that Garfield had been mauled by dogs.

She put Ms. Dorothy and Garfield in her car and rushed them to the emergency vet. Garfield is there now, fighting for his life. He has puncture wounds, a punctured lung, a broken jaw, head trauma, and blood pressure that is low, it cannot be read. You can see how badly he was injured from the pictures.

Ms. Dorothy is begging for help with the bill, and wants to surrender Garfield to a rescue that can care for him, and give him the indoor home he wants so badly.  Please help him!

donation information:
southern crescent animal emergency clinic in fayetteville, GA  770-460-8166

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