Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lithia Springs GA: GOOD NEWS! RE 3-week old kittens need rescue ASAP!

9/18/14: Cathy reports a rescue organization saved this trio. Thanks to all who crossposted for them.
8/21/14 POST
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Date: Aug 21, 2014 1:32 PM
Subject: UPDATE: Lithia Springs, GA - MORE URGENT! 3-week old kittens need rescue ASAP!
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Elena's husband works at a scaffolding company in Atlanta. These kittens were following the men in hard hats around the construction yard, in between the moving bulldozers and heavy equipment.

If these kittens are not rescued by tomorrow, she plans to let an acquaintance give them away to customers at the convenience store where she works.

PLEASE someone go get them before that happens!!

A lady named Elena called and said that her husband found three 3-week old kittens. Husband has gone to work so he can't feed them. She has a terrible phobia about cats and is so afraid of them that she can't touch them. She had to try and get her courage up to take this picture.
Elena goes to work at 9:45 today and they will be alone with no one to feed them until the husband comes home (whenever that is).  If anyone can help, please contact her asap before she goes off to work. She will be returning at 2:30, but she won't be feeding them because of her fear.
She lives in Lithia Springs and her phone number is: 770-314-0611