Friday, August 29, 2014

Memphis TN: Please help these 3 Lab/Shepherds find homes!

Mr. Gay gives permission to publish this appeal for help in placing his three pets.

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Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2014 9:31 AM
Subject: Please help these 3 dogs find homes!!! 
Daisey, Bear, and Gunner all need to be rehomed!  Please circulate their information, because they seem to be perfect family dogs.   The contact information is below.   Thank you!
Beverly King

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Subject: FW: Homes for 3 
Beverly, can you send this out to your list.  These 3 doggies need homes. Thanks.
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Subject: Homes for 3
Ms. Simmons,
Our son Kyle talked with you on Saturday a week ago at the Olive Branch Airport. We are trying to find homes for 3 dogs that we rescued back in 2010. We have had quite a few changes in our family and are unable to care for so many animals.  My wife has health issues and we are trying to take care of her Grandfather and help her Dad out with her Grandmother.  My son and I work 2 jobs and my wife is the primary care giver for all our pets.  We don't want to have to find homes but she is unable to do everything for everyone at this time.  Her Grandfather will be moving in with us in the next few months. Therefore, it is a priority that we find homes for these three dogs as soon as possible.  Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.  If you need further information or anything please don't hesitate to give me a call.  808-291-8375 (If I do not answer please leave a message I will call you back ASAP)
John K. Gay 
Name: Daisey 
HW Negative and on preventive (Heartgard)
Not spayed
Last vet visit April 29, 2014 (checkup)
Vet says Daisey is Red Lab/Shepherd Mix

Daisey was tossed out early January 2010.  We got her January 16, 2010 and as she was pregnant she delivered on January 21st.  We tried to find her a spot with one of the animal shelters but no one had any room.  No one would take her after she had her puppies.  Once the puppies were born we took them to the vet to be checked out.  Daisey was diagnosed with heartworms but could not go through treatment until the puppies were weaned.  She went through heartworm treatment in April 2010.  She has tested negative ever since. 
Daisey is a sweet dog that loves to lay on her pillow.  She loves belly rubs and having her ears scratched.  She has never been aggressive nor will she run away. Works well with other dogs, people and children.  She is crate trained and will go in her crate at night. She is house trained as well.  She loves to go for long walks (not too far). She likes treats and her food.  She is/was a good mother to her puppies.  Nickname Daisey Mae.  Very friendly and loving. 
Name: Bear
HW Negative and on preventive (Heartgard)
Last vet visit April 29, 2014 (checkup)
Vet says Bear is Red Lab/Malinois Shepherd Mix
Bear was born on January 21, 2010.  Daisey is her mom.  She is an active dog. Loves to run and play.  Will jump if not corrected.  She is only trying to give you a kiss when she does this or trying to get in your arms.  She loves attention.  Loves toys.  Plays in her pool/buckets of water.  She is crate trained.  She has been inside and outside with no accidents. Loves long walks/runs.  Very energetic.  She plays well with other dogs and people.  She is not aggressive.  She would be better suited as an only dog.........She likes the one on one time a lot.  She will try and sit in your lap.  She likes to have her ears scratched.  She was named Bear for her special markings on all four paws.  Nickname Care Bear.  You couldn't ask for a sweeter dog.  

Name: Gunner
HW Negative and on preventive (Heartgard)
Not neutered
Last vet visit April 29, 2014 (checkup)
Vet says Gunner is Red Lab/Shepherd Mix

Gunner was born on Jan. 21, 2010.  Daisey is his mom.  He is a fun loving dog that loves attention.  He loves to run and play.  He loves to jump and run in the water. He has a great memory.  Always looking for Papaw sitting in his chair.  Loves to go on walks/runs.  Very energetic.  Has never met a stranger (someone he doesn't like). He will jump to give you a hug and loves to have his ears scratched.   Runs in a circle and back and forth when fixing to potty and backs up to go.  Quirky but cute.  Very sweet and kind dog.  He is crate trained and will let you know when he has to go out.  Loves one on one time.  Has been raised with other dogs (females only/mom Daisey and sister Bear)  Nickname GunGun.  He loves toys.