Monday, August 18, 2014

Orange CA: 8/18 is it. Must be out today. $125 PLEDGED. RE: Kitty Max the Magnificent Snowshoe at Orange Co. Animal Shelter. Review date 8/17. ID# A0699206

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From: Faith Rajac <>
Sent: Sun, Aug 17, 2014 6:05 pm
Subject: 24 Hr. extension alert!! Pledges reach $125, Eval today 8/17: Kitty Max at OC, id A0699206

Pledges reach $125 for Max.  OC has kindly extended him for 24 hours, and he must exit by end of business Monday August 18.  Grateful thanks to those of you who have pledged and are helping get the word out.  There is a possible opportunity, but we cannot say it is a sure thing, so please, please keep Max at front of the line as top priority urgent at this time to guarantee his release.  He is not  adjusting to shelter environment and needs out so he can warm up again in the safety of a foster or new home!!  What else can go wrong after nine years of a happy life that brings him back to where he started at OC?  Without a rescue, we know the answer.
8/16 POST
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MAX Pet ID: A0699206
Sex: N
Age: 9 Years
Kennel: VX02 
From: Faith Rajac <>
Date: Sat, Aug 16, 2014 at 8:12 AM
Subject: Kitty Max at OC, id A0699206
Cc: Katie Ingram <>, Tammy Osborn <>, Peggy DeLima <>, Erica McBride <>, "" <>

Max the Magificent was frightened by suddenly finding himself in a scary, strange and noisy place after owner dumped him on August 10th. 
Without understanding what the heck just happened to his life, he was fearful during intake process and placed in the VX kennels for eval to give him a chance to settle down and determine his adoptability.  We've seen this happen over and over at shelters.  The moment they are in placed with a rescue and feel secure again, the fear is gone and their true personalities flourish.  His id number is very old, indicating he was adopted out of OC a long time ago.  Now he's back and won't make it out unless we help.  
He's already neutered, and pull assistance is available.  He will be reviewed again Sunday August 17.  Please consider this gorgeous guy before it's too late!! 

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