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Powhatan VA: Many Dogs & Arnold the Pig! Sending out plea again! Really need some help!

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Date: Sat, Aug 16, 2014 at 9:02 AM
Subject: Powhatan, VA - Many Dogs!! - Sending out plea again!- Really need some help!!

From: BeKindToAnimals
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Powhatan VA - Sending out plea again!! - Really need some help!!

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Powhatan VA - Sending out plea again! - Really need some help!! - Free spay/neuter and rabies - Transport assistance may be possible!
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Sending out plea again!
- Really need some help!!
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 16:18:08

We are understaffed with only two people.  We took in a big seizure of animals for cruelty last week.  This has been very overwhelming trying to keep up with everything.  It would really help if someone can pull the available dogs we have. 

Richmond animal league has offered to spay/neuter and vaccinate anything someone takes.  But it will need to be done before the dog leaves here. 

To pull from our shelter you must be in compliance with the Virginia Department of agriculture (State vet) and sign a new information sheet with new requirements. 

Please call before you come out to pull, so we can make sure what you want is available.  804-598-5672. 

Powhatan County has done a large animal seizure, and is in need of help. 

(URGENT!!) Smokey - (Male) - Owner surrendered, about 1-2 yrs old.  He was taken from a bad, not responsible owner. Now we have him, and now he can start fresh.  Smokey has a great temperament and is a special boy. He is heartworm negative and rabies shot!  Also good with others.  NOW neutered and micro-chipped!!

(URGENT!!) - Ava - (F) - Lab/Pit mix, about 2 yrs old.  She was a stray, and was taken to the vet.  She is super sweet girl, and loves to play.  Ava has such an awesome personality!  Mange is all clear! 

Nacho - (Male) Seized for cruelty.  Hound about 3-4 yrs old. He was taken emaciated and had a hole in his side.  Nacho had surgery and almost didn't make it.  He was in such bad shape. This boy is making a great recovery!  He is up to date on rabies and distemper shots. 


Chops - (Male) Hound mix, about 2-3 years old.  He was also one of the dogs taken in.  He was covered in fleas. But Chops must have never got the food.  He came in very skinny.  Now he gets all his food and should get weight on him.  Very sweet boy just had a hard life so far.  Also has the cutest face.

Fetch - (Male) Hound mix, about 2-3yrs old.  Fetch also came in infested with fleas.  He was also another one taken.  Fetch is so happy not to itch every second.  He is super friendly and so happy.

Baldwin - (Male) Hound, about 3yrs old.  Another stray hound picked up.  He just needed a little TLC.  Very sweet boy, and is fine with other dogs.

Izzy - (Female) Shepherd mix, about 1 year old.  Spayed and micro-chipped.  Available 7-11-14.  Unable to locate an owner after the third we have reached a dead end.  She is good with other dogs and very sweet.  She has beautiful markings! 

Bubble Gum (Female) Sweet Hound girl, young.  She is absolutely beautiful!  Bubble has such a good personality. She would make a great addition to a family.  

This is our new Pig, Arnold.  He is about 50 lbs., and needs to find a rescue.  He is up for adoption for a pet, not for food! Please call if you can help us with him.

Dakota - Male Border collie Hound mix, 2 years old.  This dog has a history of being mistreated, and he has also been hit by a car.  We have no vet history.  His family's house burned down and he was left to fend for himself.  They do not want him back.  Please pull this sweet boy so we can show him what a real life is.

Jambi - Female, is sweet Terrier mix, fully vet spayed and micro-chipped, friendly, great small size, loves people.
Two new dogs not available yet.
Powhatan Sheriff's Office
Division Of Animal Control
Phone: 804-598-5672