Monday, August 11, 2014

Somerset KY: Pulaski County Shelter---URGENT. Dachshund, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Redbone Coonhound, Shih Tzu and more

From: "Katie Walter" <>
Date: Aug 11, 2014 10:14 AM
Subject: KENTUCKY - PB DOXIE IN HERE - Pulaski County Shelter - 8-9-14 - Some are URGENT!!

From: ellie grant     (at
Sent: Monday, August 11, 2014 7:38 AM
Pulaski County, KY - 8-9-14 - Some are URGENT!! 

Sad last week.  

Please call Charlotte at: 606-679-6432, or email me if you can save just one dog.       (at Ellie     (at Charlotte

Redbone from Russell co very friendly, male, 50 lbs, 3 yrs, kept trying to jump in a truck bed!  Has a lump. 

Friendly, male, Red Heeler mix, 40 lbs, 2-3 yrs.  Russell co. 

Might have rescue, male Poodle before pic.  At my house now going to groomer tomorrow, friendly
15 lbs.  Russell co. 

Russell co - Female, in heat, friendly, very sweet, 3 yrs, 35-40 lbs, may be a Mountain Cur mix. 

Russell co - Obviously female, recently separated from pups I guess, and seems sad, likes to be petted,
45 lbs, calm, 6 yrs, startles at noises. 

Male, Beagle mix, shy but let me pet him.  30 lbs.  Young. 

Russell co Coonhound mix, male, shy but licked my hand so workable, young, 35 lbs.

Russell co, Shep/Mountain Cur mix, very friendly and happy, 2-3 yrs, 45-50 lbs.

Can't resist this Russell co girl's grin!!!!  Very loving, may be a Mountain Cur mix, 50 lbs, young adult. 
wiggles her rear.   In upper kennel. 

90 - Male, friendly but shy, reminds me of Tibetan Terrier, but that is so rare it can't be.  He is about 18 lbs, Ready NOW! 

122 - Female Dachshund, 12-15 lbs, adult, said to be snippy, but jumped in my lap wagging her tail!  Ready 8-11.  

103 - Female, very friendly, had to push her away to get pic, very loving, young, 12 lbs.  Ready NOW!

191 - Extremely nice!!  Shepherd/may be mixed with Rottie and something smaller, 3-4 yrs, 50 lbs.  One of my favorites!  URGENT!!

134 - Female, calm, friendly, 50 lbs, 4 yrs, ready 8-13.

Not sure of number - Senior, female.

"Buzz" - Male, 6 months, friendly Feist - OWNER SURRENDER.  (Owner more interested in hunting dogs, and said he had no time for this one).  Used to running on farm, and doesn't bother any of the animals, sweet pup.   Has had parvo shots and was wormed, 12-15 lbs. 

116 - Female, smooth Collie mix, very loving, 10-12 months, 35-40 lbs.  NOW!! 

159 - Small Heeler mix, male, 25 lbs, 3 yrs, friendly.  Ready NOW!

Pups, small-medium size, both shy, not sure of number. 

167 - Male, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, friendly, 60 lbs, young adult, ready 8-12.

URGENT!!  Male I think, medium size youngster, shy but I touched him as he sneaked past me and he tolerated it, so he is workable, in with 76. 

76 - Very friendly pup, maybe 4- 5 months, had trouble keeping him away long enough to get a pic. Might be ready now, not sure. 

#5 - Lab, 35-40 lbs, 1-2 yrs, very friendly male, couldn't find in book so assume ready NOW! 

166 - Male, Shih Tzu, recently groomed so hopefully owner will show up, ready 8-13 otherwise, friendly 2-4 yrs.

176 - Young male pup, friendly but shy, ready 8-11. 

154 - Male, lab/pit mix, a calm, sweet, big baby.  Extremely URGENT!!