Friday, August 22, 2014

South Orange NJ: Jersey Animal Coalition to vacate premises! Remaining adult cats need homes ASAP

contact Virginia Canino at
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Date: Fri, Aug 22, 2014 at 6:19 AM
Subject: Jersey animal coalition to vacate premises!!!! remaining adult cats need homes ASAP south orange, NJ

please see below some pictures of cats that desperately need out of the shelter before it closes. Please contact Virginia Canino at ( if you can help with any of these wonderful cats....

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Thanks to you both, but as the shelter was closed for months kittens were not brought to the shelter as per the direction of the town.
There are a couple of older kittens that got stuck in the shelter during the close, but we are getting them homes.
Heartbreakingly we have so many adults, many of whom Tam knows for years who have been overlooked, yet cared for in the open  cat rooms, one in particular made extra comfy by the fabulous cat " chutes and ladders" design installed by Tam and her wonderful husband Sergio.
We will see those cats removed with great emotion, as several have only known this as their home.
If you know of any foster homes where a few of these poor souls can hang their kitty blankets, let me know, as I will labor tirelessly to find each and every one a home or sanctuary after the short deadline.
Feel free to post and use my email address.
Thank you

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Subject: JAC to vacate premises!!!!