Thursday, October 23, 2014

Spring TX (Houston area): GOOD NEWS! RE: Urgent!!! Super Duper Sweet Border Collie mix female Jasmine abandoned by owners

Jasmine with her forever family (permission granted to post)
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From: kbcrenshaw 
Date:10/20/2014 10:52 AM (GMT-06:00) 
Subject: Update! Jasmine Border Collie Mix Has Been Adopted! 

Hi friends, update on sweet Jasmine, the border collie mix from a few months ago that everyone was networking for has officially been adopted!  Despite her heart worms and bad hip, a loving family has adopted her and just adores her!  She is going through the slow kill heartworm treatment and is doing beautifully and is on special vitamins and supplements for her bad hip.  Thank you all so much for networking for her and for your love and concern.  Photo is attached of her new family.

Kayla Crenshaw 713-703-1528

8/9/14 POST
Please network - Kayla Crenshaw sent out an urgent plea for Jasmine 8/18/14. Kayla took this abandoned girl to her vet where she is boarded now, getting all of her medical done. But Kayla has no rescue backing and SHE NEEDS IT!  She has no place to take Jasmine and limited funds to be her rescuer. Per Kayla, Border Collie rescue cannot take her since she is a mix.
The veterinarian thinks she is six or seven years old
Very friendly girl Jasmine is a Border Collie mix who was abandoned in a neighborhood in Spring Texas. The name "Jasmine" was on her tags. The owners literally moved out and left her in the yard. She is not good with cats. She tried to chase the clinic cat twice, and seems too interested. She seems to be OK with dogs and will soon be taken to a play date sort of outing to test more.  She loves people and just wants to be loved and needs a great home.  She is heart worm positive so if a foster is found (or permanent adopter) who is willing to keep a HW+ dog quiet for about 6 months, she could be treated with Heartguard for about 6 months and then retested.  She is spayed, has her shots now, and other than the heart worms, she's a healthy girl.  The veterinarian thinks she is six or seven years old.  
Kayla is urgently looking for a reputable rescue organization (or foster or qualified adopter) to give Jasmine a chance to have a great life and not be thrown in the backyard and neglected, abused and abandoned.  Kayla can be reached at (713) 703-1528 or by email at (

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