Saturday, August 23, 2014

Thomaston GA - NO OFFERS! - $$ - Many URGENT DOGS!! - Heartbreakers! - Monday is Euth day!

From: Katie Walter <>
Date: Sat, Aug 23, 2014 at 4:19 PM
Subject: Thomaston GA - NO OFFERS! - $$ - Many URGENTS!! - Heartbreakers! - Monday is Euth day!

From: Katie Walter []
Sent: Saturday, August 23, 2014 7:14 PM
Subject: Thomaston GA - NO OFFERS! - $$ - Many URGENTS!! - Heartbreakers!

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Thomaston GA - NO OFFERS! $$ - Many URGENTS!! - Heartbreaking!! 

From: Hope4dogs Hope4dogs
Date: August 23, 2014 11:38:39 AM EDT
To: Hope4dogs Hope4dogs
Upson Shelter 
- Thomaston GA - STILL NO OFFERS! $$$ - Many URGENTS!! - Heartbreakers - Are up for the Euth list Monday!! - Please give one a chance! 
Still No Offers.  Monday is quickly approaching.  Great sponsorships but sadly, no offersPlease cross-post!!  Monday is the day they Euth at Upson!  
Please save El Nina.  She is the first on the list.

Thank you.

From: Hope4dogs Hope4dogs
Sent: Thursday, August 21, 2014 4:31 PM
To: Hope4dogs Hope4dogs
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Upson Shelter
- Thomaston GA - Many URGENTS!! Heartbreakers! - Are up for the Euth list Monday!!  Please give one a chance! 

Most of these dog are URGENT already.


Please do not let these precious jack Russell mixes; Queens, Amadeus and Valley Girl, and all the others die.  They are puppies and young health dogs!

Hootie, Tootie and Yosemite are owner surrenders that came in together and will probably die together.  They are such happy friendly dogs.  It is all so sad! 

If you are interested in saving one, please send Corey a rescue hold.  
If you can sponsor a dog, let me and Peggy know.  There are some great dogs here that need a chance. Please give them one!

Thank you for cross-posting.  Hope


CONTACT: ADRIAN RELEFORD: Phone: 706-647-5586     (at

CONTACT: PEGGY FERRELL:     (at, Cell: 706-975-5824.

CONTACT: HOPE MASTER:     (at, Phone: 904-797-9402.  

El Nina – URGENT - ID #14-1108 $150 + $25 for gas SPONSOR - Female Lab mix. Prefers to do the approaching, but will change I am sure with more attention.  Likes her head to be rubbed.  PLEASE SAVE HER.  SHE IS FIRST ON THE LIST!!!!!

Valley Girl - URGENT – ID #14-1151  $100 SPONSOR - Female Bassett Hound  lab mix - Special little lady!  25 lbs. at the most!  Look at those ears!  Please save her!  Doesn't bark much!

Chuck - URGENT  - ID # 14-1151  Male adult Pit bull mix.  Was hit by a car and spent a few days at the vet but seems fin now. He is a bit emaciated.  He is a very happy dog!  Does not like dogs that much!

Tootie - URGENT - ID #14-1159 Adult  Female Pit Bull Mix  High energy , great personality! Came in with Hootie, and is very animal friendly.

Hootie - URGENT - #14-1160 Adult male Pit Bull mix - High energy – Very active Came in with Tootie and Yosemite and is very animal friendly.

Yosemite - URGENT - ID# 14-1158 - Adult male American Bulldog Mix – Great personality, well behaved, good on a leash.  Came in with Tootie and Hootie, and is very animal friendly.

Amadeus – URGENT - ID #14-1157 - $135 SPONSOR - Adorable Male puppy , about 3 months and under 20 lbs.   May have St. Bernard in him.   Has a slight skin rash on his belly.

Carlos - ID #14-1138 - URGENT - Male Pit bull mix - Was a bit aggressive when he came in but is making great progress.  He is fine on a leash and he will cuddle up in your lap once he gets to know you, he just needs time to adjust.

Willamina - ID #14-1173 - $100 SPONSOR - Adult Retriever mix - Knows how to sit, shake and loves belly rubs.   Wonderful girl!

The Baby Sitters Club – ID # 14 1169-1172 - $100 SPONSOR - Hound Momma and 3 puppies.  Mom is very gentle, housebroken, good on a leash.  Pups seem to have a bit of GSD in them.  Beautiful family!!!!  Please get them out!

Josephina – ID # 14-1175 Young Female pit bull mix - Very friendly, a bit shy, fine with other dogs, a real tail wager.  What a sweetheart!  Please save her!

Old Faithful - ID#14-1181 - $100 SPONSOR - Male Lab mix  Senior dog - Needs a comfortable bed and a human companion to care for him for the rest of his life.  Don't let him die in here!

Bham - Bham - ID #14-1184 - Adult male Shepherd mix –  Handsome and Friendly guy!

Colonel Trautman – ID #14-1186 Senior Lab mix.  Abandoned behind a house.  He has a growth on underbelly, walks well on a leash, startles easily.  Poor thing dumped in his senior years with no  compassion.  People can be so cruel.

Madame Pompadour – ID #14-1187 - Senior PB Pomeranian.  She has no teeth therefore her tongue hangs outside of her mouth.  Seems to be bonded with Colonel Trautman.  Maybe they were dumped together.  Whoever did this is a poor excuse for a human being.  Can you save these two deserving old dogs?   


Action is eloquence.
50% of all adopters give the animal up in the first two years.
Animals breed exponentially.
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