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NC to FL: GOOD NEWS! Jack & Walker have rescue!!! The last 2 black fluffies from Cleveland NC


On Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 5:53 PM, Vickie Nelson <> wrote:

Just wanted to let everyone know my last two black fluffies have rescue!! They are leaving tonight….I am heartbroken but so happy for them. They’ve come a long way since I first met them in Sept. Last night, both of them were cuddled up on either side of me and we all just enjoyed our snuggles…

I want to thank everyone who rescued, donated money, time, food & supplies, transported, cross-posted, helped me search for Walker, and supported me mentally through the last 8 mos. 

We had a big day today. They both got baths – probably their first ever. They did great!! We went to the vet to get their health certifications and they are both healthy boys! They were so well behaved in the car and at the vet. I am so proud of them….

They are heading to Florida so hopefully soon they will have their very own families to love them and maybe they’ll have a pool!

All 10 of these sweethearts are safe and sound with new homes or will be going to their new homes soon. Thanks, again, all…


Vickie, Walker, Jack, Molly, Miney (now Minnie), Sophie, Maddie, Beauregard, Jill, Morgan, and Hannah!

12/1/15 POST
See 12-1-14 update from Vickie Nelson here.

11/16/14 POST
GREAT NEWS! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Jeanne Casper saved all of her late sister's dogs with the help of valiant rescuers. Read her short 11/18/14 post on her Facebook profile:

Last chapter in the saga of my sister's dogs. Walker was the last dog left, he has now been rescued. Vicki Nelson just came and got him and he is on his way to Charlotte for some leash training. And hopefully to a 'fur'ever home. I wish to thank everyone who had a hand in helping me get these dogs rescued. Especially Vickie Nelson as she is the only one who responded when there were ten left and with her help and that of blogger extraordinaire Liz Marshall and I think Linda Hopper. it was done and they were rescued. Again I thank you this was a big job and am glad all dogs are safe and on their way. Also a huge thanks to to Faithful Friends and the Humane Society of Rowan Co. for their help with dog food donations and also to that of Rachel Lambert and her huge donation of dog food, all of which the dogs greatly appreciated. So on behalf of them I thank you.
11/8/14 POST

 Vickie Nelson's update is as follows:

On Thu, Nov 6, 2014 at 11:41 PM, Vickie <> wrote:
Hermione (Miney) is a 5 or 6 year old female, and she is the mother to Walker. Likes to be petted. Weighs 40lbs. or so – STILL NEEDS RESCUE

Walker is 3 & weighs approx. 60 lbs. – STILL NEEDS RESCUE


Hoarder owner died in March 2014. New property owner poisoning the local rats. Walker is in immediate danger if he eats a poisoned rat.....needs to get out now.  

2 dogs need rescue commitment. Miney the mother and Walker her son. Miney is friendly and eager but Walker takes time to warm up due to his isolation since March....but is interested in people and very sweet.

***Thank you to the people who have donated. Miney & Walker’s vetting including spay/neuter, vax, hw test, fecal, microchip, etc. is covered!! Additional funds for boarding are needed and to help cover unexpected medical needs.

Donations can be made to (pay pal gift/not a 501c3)  or to Jesse’s Place Rescue, Dorsey Patrick – (tax deductible 501c3).  MUST NOTE DONATION IS FOR ‘CLEVELAND DOGS’.

Boarding for Miney & Walker is $10 per night, $70 per week each.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information. If you can help with rescuing, fostering, adopting, donating – anything, it is very much appreciated!!

Sandy Wright with ARC Border Collie Rescue in VA took Jill and is also taking Jack. She said she would be glad to speak with anyone who would like to know the temperament of the dogs. Her email is
Thanks, again, to all who have helped these sweet, beautiful dogs!! 


 See history at link below:

10/21 POST 
Hermione (Miney) and Hannah are the only ones who need commitments now
On Mon, Oct 20, 2014 at 10:10 AM, Vickie <> wrote:
Morgan & Walker have rescue!! Yeah!! Just Miney & Hannah still in need. I petted Miney on Friday and she is very sweet. Pretty girl, too!! Hannah is beautiful! She was very shy but kept getting closer & closer. I brought Mollee back with me and I am fostering her. She is a total snuggler & sweet as can be!! We took our first walk outside today. Need a little more practice on the leash but she is as gentle and loving dog you could ever meet!

I petted Morgan also on Friday. He is gorgeous, as they all are, and let me pet him all over. Unfortunately, the way it happened, I didn’t have a leash with me. He and Jack came up very close to take treats and were very close to eating from my hand but my friend who was helping me walked up and they skittered off… We spent 5-6 hours with them Friday. Jack & Morgan are in one lot, Miney, Hannah & Walker are all together and have now been moved to the smaller lot off the deck. I left 2 crates and Jeanne and Aaron (sister and her son) are feeding those 3 on the deck and are trying to get them in the crates for me.

I am hoping to get back up there tomorrow and bring a couple more back with me. I will leave some crates, too, for the others… – This link is for SpayNeuter Charlotte where I can take them for vetting. These are retail rates so rescue rates should be less.

Please let me know if you can help by rescuing/fostering/donating or if you want to go help me!!

Thanks, everyone for sharing this plea/donating/rescuing/boarding, etc. etc.!!! Almost have them all safe!!

(Vickie said it was her typing mistake when she said on 10/11 that Hannah had rescue)
10/15 POST
Jeanne informed me this morning that Hermione, Walker, Hannah, Morgan, Mollee and Jack are still at the original home, but Jack and Mollee have been promised rescue. So Hermione, Walker, Hannah, Morgan still need rescuers. I don't know what happened to the supposed prospects for Hannah. Animal Control will be contacted Friday 10/17.
10/11 POST
This morning Vickie Nelson wrote that Hannah has rescue. 
I don't have any details about Hannah's rescue.
Thanks to all who are helping this group.
10/10 POST
The contact is Vickie Nelson at 
Mollee now has rescue (I don't know any details about her rescue), 
but there are five dogs remaining to be rescued.

Vickie wrote the following update 9:30AM 10/10/14:
10/10 – Jeanne just sent this to me!!
From: [mailto:casper246@roadrunner.comSent: Friday, October 10, 2014 11:37 AM
Vicki, I was just informed that I have a week from today to get the rest of the dogs off the property or they will get Animal control to remove them. I am going to post this fact on FB after I send this to you. Jeanne

We are going to put together a chip in to raise funds to get the last 5 dogs vetted & into boarding. If we can get them covered, we need rescues to take them. Please help!!

We are down to 5 dogs still in need!!! We have one week to find rescues/fosters!!

I have had Jill since 2 weeks ago today. She has made amazing progress!! She walks on a leash like she’s done it her entire life! No pulling, walks by my side! She loves other dogs and met a kitty which she had no reaction to. I’ve brushed her hair, kissed her, touched her everywhere, and she is a total angel!! So, I feel like the others will come around quickly, too. Once I got the leash on her, she has completely trusted me! I took her to work with me yesterday where she met numerous people who she allowed to pet her, she met my neighbor and was fine with her, played with their dog so sweetly. She has not growled, shown teeth, no fear or other aggression at all!!! PLEASE GIVE THESE DOGS A CHANCE!!!

Below is an update on the others.
10/3/14 POST
On Thu, Oct 2, 2014 at 6:41 PM, Vickie <> wrote:
Walker, Mollee, Jack, Morgan, Miney, Hannah all still need rescue. Mollee is left in her yard alone now that Beauregard & Jill are gone. She is very calm and sweet. I haven’t interacted with her much but she did come out the other day and take treats. I was busy trying to get Beau & Jill in the crates so didn’t get to spend much time with her. I think she would come around quickly. Jack is pretty friendly, too. He is Jill’s brother – smaller like her. Very pretty face! He took treats and came up to the fence.

The workmen working on the house where the owner used to live put out rat killer and Jeanne and her family have found many dead rats. They are very afraid the dogs may try to get a rat and be poisoned….also, Mollee has somehow either been bitten by something or has injured herself as she has a place on her side that she has licked the fur off of and it’s kind of red. Jeanne was going to check it out and try to get a better idea of what may be wrong and possibly send me a pic. Bottom line, these poor doggies need to get out of there!!

Jeanne says Miney is friendly. I haven’t really had a chance to interact with her much either. I’ve given treats to her and all the others but will be able to assess them more when I go back. My work schedule changed this week so not sure what day I will be able to go back.

BEAUREGARD & MADDIE HAVE BEEN FULLY VETTED – BEAU IS HW POSITIVE. THEY ARE BOTH IN BOARDING UNTIL THEY GO ON TRANSPORT.  If anyone can help toward their expenses, you can donate to HEART RESCUE IN NY – Toni Roman –email & paypal is:,  Their vet bill was very high….

SOPHIE MAY and her one BABY are with THE ROAD HOME RESCUE IN CARY, NC  – Laura Roberts – baby and Sophie will need full vetting once they are ready.  
Laura’s email is:
Vet is Dr. Kevin Monce'
Pet Sound Animal Hospital

I am fostering Jill. She is going to ARC Border Collie Rescue in VA to Sandy Wright. I haven’t taken Jill for vetting yet since I will have to get her back into the kennel. I did get a leash on her last night and just left it around her neck for a while. I tugged on it a few times and she jumped back, of course, but I feel like she will get the hang of it before long. As of now, she is going to Sandy next Fri. 10/10 riding up with someone who is driving up to visit a friend. Sandy said she would vet her there as long as I can get her required vax. I’ll get that done one way or the other!! Sandy’s email is

***Regarding transport for Beau & Maddie, since they are both very scared, I feel like they should be flown up to NY. They won’t be able to be leash walked if they go on a road transport and I hate for them to be stuck in kennels for that long…If anyone can help arrange Pilots & Paws or someone to fly them up, that would be awesome!!

Several people have offered donations of food or money for food. This will be an on-going need until these other pups are rescued….Thanks to everyone who has helped with this so far!!

Let me know what other info I can provide!!  Thanks to everyone who has posted out, rescued, transported, donated, and CARED about these sweet doggies!!!
9/29 POST
What a great sister! Let's help her! CONTACT Vickie <> if you can rescue or offer other assistance!

On Mon, Sep 29, 2014 at 10:37 AM, <> (the sister) wrote:
I'd be better if I could get the last 6 dogs rescued. The ones we have left are: Mollee, Hermione, Walker, Hannah, Morgan and Jack. Maddie was rescued a week ago this past Saturday, Sophie-Mae and her remaining pup (Dollie) were rescued last Tuesday, Jill was rescued Friday, and we got Beauregard in crate Saturday morning (he was annoyed). They are next door working on the house, so the need for more rescues to step up to the plate is more urgent than ever, as the new owners could call Animal Control as early as tomorrow.
9/27 POST
please see Vickie's urgent update below respecting the several remaining dogs  still needing to be rescued (BEGGING!!)! Meanwhile...
On Sat, Sep 27, 2014 at 9:17 AM, Vickie <> wrote:
We have Beauregard!!! He is on his way to get his vax and then to boarding with his BFF Maddie!!! YEAH!!!!

On Sat, Sep 27, 2014 at 12:50 AM, Vickie <> wrote:
9/26/13 – Sophie & her baby girl are doing well in Cary with Laura-Road Home Rescue – still very shy but is coming around. Baby seems to be doing well! Thanks to all who helped make this happen!!

I went up Tues. to meet everyone. Jill is a petite pretty girl, lots of personality!! Both she and Beauregard took treats from my hands, licked my fingers. Jill is less shy than the others. Beauregard is beautiful and has the sweetest softest eyes. I can tell he would be a total lover once he’s comfortable. I didn’t get to pet him but he came up very close and was not shy at all about taking treats and licking my hands. I just sat down in the yard with them and spent the day. I felt I could have gotten Jill into a crate but didn’t want to spook them so I left a crate on the deck that has gates and threw treats in it. Jill came up and went into it to get the treats. They have never been allowed on the deck so Jeanne, the sister of the owner, and her son Aaron agreed to start feeding them on the deck so they would feel comfortable coming up there and once they do, it would be easier to get them into the crates. I saw all the others, too. They are all gorgeous, shiny dogs. I didn’t interact with the others since I wanted to focus on the two we have rescue for. I went back up today (Fri.). Took all kinds of yummy things and the dogs didn’t even bark at me when I pulled into the drive. Both Jill and Beau met me at the fence and licked my hand through the fence. They didn’t bark when I came into their yard, either. Mollee who is in their “yard” was hidden on Tues. behind the wisteria growth. I asked Jeanne if they could cut that back some and they had. Mollee was out in the yard and pretty much just hung out. I scooped up their yard so I could walk around better and there was no reaction from any of them.  I gave them all some wet dog food in bowls. Jill came right up. Beau was a little shy at first but came around. Mollee watched me as I approached her but didn’t bolt away.

Wednesday, Jeanne notified me that the workmen were there and were putting out rat poison…not in the dogs’ yards but if a rat runs through their yard that has ingested the poison and one of them catches it, it will kill them. The workmen also left a gate unlatched and two dogs almost got away…fortunately, Jeanne’s husband pulled in just in time and the dogs went back into their yard….

Friday - I spent all afternoon until 8:30 this evening up there. I got both Jill and Beau up on the deck and was able to close the gate behind them. I sat there and fed them treats, etc. off and on and basically just talked to them and hung out. Got the other crate on the deck and started putting food in both. Jill was going in and out and Beau was sniffing and eventually stuck his head in. Eventually, Jill went all the way in and I just closed the door behind her. She sat there like an angel, didn’t seem upset and stayed that way for close to 2 hrs. while I was trying to get Beau to go in. He would step in with his hands but wouldn’t ever go all the way in, except when I would step off the deck…I tried and tried but he was too leery…he wanted to go in badly to get the goodies in the back but he just couldn’t. I finally had to leave so loaded Jill up. Beau looked at me like he didn’t want me to leave…I left the crate on the deck and Jeanne and Aaron are going to try to get him to go in. They left him on the deck for the night.

Jack is Jill’s brother – he is smaller like her and just as beautiful. He took treats and came up to the fence to see me. Morgan is in their “yard” with Jack. Also took treats but a little shyer.

I am going to go back to get Beau as soon as Jeanne lets me know he’s in the kennel. Or, maybe I can find someone who is nearer to pick him up. I have Jill at my house tonight. She has rescue in VA. Need to get her vax and then figure out transport.

If anyone can donate toward these dogs’ costs for vetting/boarding, please let me know!! Any amount is appreciated….

9/24 POST
The latest I know from Vickie Nelson this morning is that Jill and Beauregard have rescue
commitments; I don't know when they will depart or to what rescue. Laura Roberts is going to take Sophie and her baby; Laura has Road Home Rescue in Cary NC. Sophie & baby went to vet yesterday and are doing fine! So with Maddie already safe in boarding under HEART Rescue, that means about a half dozen more big fluffies to go.

9/21 POST
Jeanne Casper wrote on her FB profile Sunday evening 9/21:
Just wanted to let my FB friends and family know the latest in the saga of my sisters dogs, there are nine left, Maddie was rescued a week ago. We had a development Friday night, Sophie-Mae was pregnant and we didn't know it until she had 7 pups between Friday night and Saturday morning, 2 were dead when we checked on her Saturday am, we removed her from the yard she was in to keep her and her pups safe to the deck, the remaining 5 were doing fine this morning, then when I went to check on them this afternoon I found 4 more dead and I'm not sure if the last one will make it. So I am asking for prayers for mama and pup that they be ok.

She also wrote me the following note asking to recirculate for the dogs:
On Sun, Sep 21, 2014 at 4:56 PM, <> wrote:
   I don't know if you saw my post on FB but Sophie-Mae had 7 pups between Friday pm and Saturday am, 2 were found dead - we think she laid on them, we moved her and pups from yard and put her and pups on deck (in crate), where we thought they'd be safe. They were doing fine earlier today = this pm I went to check on them and found 4 more dead. The last one might not make it and she looked (Mama) a little shaky herself, but this was her first and hopefully her last litter. I wish I knew what happened to all the attention we had over these dogs when you blogged their pics. Please would you blog them again the need is even more urgent now than then, because the threat of Animal Control is still there.
  And here is where I shall say good-night maybe tomorrow will be brighter.
Jeanne Casper
9/20/14 POST
On Fri, Sep 19, 2014 at 3:29 PM, Vickie <> wrote: 

9/17/14 Sophie just had puppies!!!

Maddie is in boarding and doing well! She is hw neg and is making friends. Beauregard was too scared but still has rescue once he can be caught. See assessment below from LIZ MATTSON who went to get them…8 still have NO COMMITMENTS!!
Jill was the only one I was able to interact with, since the others are in separate yards.  I understand she has rescue interest.  I’d call her a strong border collie mix, based on her looks & her herding behavior.  Slightly dominant, but not aggressive.  The rest of the dogs that I saw were interested in treats from me, but were not well socialized with people, so they were fearful.  I did not see any signs of aggression among them – seems to me that they’d all pick “flight” over “fight” any day!  I think with some time & a little patience in a foster’s home, they’re adoptable.
 I was only able to get Maddie on Saturday [9/13/14].  Beauregard was too scared to come to Jeanne or her son & certainly not me.  We’re going to try again tomorrow. Liz Mattson

9/12/14 POST​​
Vickie Nelson in North Carolina is an angel who is helping Jeanne by coordinating and resourcing offers and arrangements. What a godsend! Please see Vickie's update and contact her at to help. Thanks to all who are helping these orphans.

On Fri, Sep 12, 2014 at 9:48 AM, Vickie <> wrote:

9/12/14 – Maddie & Beauregard have rescue!! The rescue taking them said could take more if can get help with funding for vetting/boarding/fosters.

That leaves the other 8 still in need!! If anyone can donate food or money for food for the others as we work to find rescue for them, please contact Jeanne or me.

Please help us save these beauties!! – pics below!!

From: Kelly []
Sent: Monday, September 08, 2014 9:12 PM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Charlotte NC area: BEGGING!! Time's up Thursday! House sold. RE: Human died. 10 adult dogs still need placement. Sister already placed 22 (18 adults + 4 puppies)!

9/8/14 POST
Self-righteous moans and groans are widespread among crossposters when family members dump pets at the pound after their guardian dies. In this case, the sister of the deceased has tried valiantly to place all 32 (thirty-two!) dogs with adopters or rescuers. She successfully placed 22(!) and deserves a standing ovation, but has received no help from the rescue community for the remaining ten. They are all nice dogs! Now the property has been sold and new owners of her deceased sister's property will probably move in around Thursday September 11, 2014. The wife does not like dogs and the husband will likely call Animal Control which will probably mean death for all of the dogs.

The only inquiry from a rescue organization came three days ago from a neighboring state and I have no idea if anything will come of it. If it does develop into a rescue plan for that organization or any other, the dogs would need to be taken to a vet and/or boarding facility by Thursday in order to get basic vetting and Health Certificates for travel. Jeanne has no money for the project and no idea where to take them.

Please note Jeanne has posted these dogs repeatedly. Her sister died in March of this year. This is my share from July. There was a Facebook photo/thread started at that time by a volunteer in Nebraska but it only led to discussions about breed ID and not rescue.
9/2/14 POST
P.S. from Jeanne Casper
On Tue, Sep 2, 2014 at 5:15 PM, <> wrote:
The house has already been sold (knew it was for sale) just found out it was sold last Friday, they are fixing it up, have no idea when new owners are to move in, as to boarding (don't know of any around here) them it would be expensive and I have no funds...The fears are that we need to move as soon as possible - my husband seems to think that the owners will start making noises about them still being on the property as soon as tomorrow - so we need to move quick!!!....
From: Kelly <>
Date: Tue, Sep 2, 2014 at 1:38 PM
Subject: Charlotte NC area:human died - 10 dogs need help now!!!

-------- Original Message --------
Subject:FW: Charlotte NC area - human died - need help now!!!
Date:Tue, 2 Sep 2014 12:12:17 -0400
From:Angela <> is her email

Thank you for posting ~ It can save a life.

Let me tell you my story:
My sister died back in March of this year of a massive heart attack. She had 28 adult dogs and 4 pups, some were rescues and some were accidental pregnancies. Well all but 10 adults dogs have been rescued, adopted and fostered. I need help with rescuing the last 10, as the only home they have known has been sold. I have attached a picture of them.

Thank-you for any help you can give me,
Jeanne Casper

Thank you for posting ~ It can save a life.

Here is the info you wanted on the dogs: They are all un-altered and not vetted simply because when my sister died - the vet wouldn't go thru with it because they weren't in my custody and now that they are I can't afford it. They get along with their yard mates and my son, husband and me, not sure how they would be with other people but if you are quiet and try to make friends they probably would be ok.

More dog info:
Maddie(tongue out) 2 1/2 year old female, her yard mate is Beauregard and he is 2 years old.
Jack and Jill are brother and sister and they are 2 1/2 years old.
Morgan(4th pic) he is the dog in the background and he is 3.
Hermione('Miney) is a 5 or 6 year old female, she is the mother to: Hannah - female, Walker - male(foreground) & Sophie-Mae - female - they are 3 years old.
and the last picture is of Mollee and she is 3 1/2 years old.

The info is in order of the pics - Maddie & Beauregard are 1st, Jack and Jill are the next 2 pics, Morgan is in the 4th pic, 'Miney is the 5th pic, Hannah is next, Walker and Sophie-Mae are together(under deck)and Mollee is the last pic.

They are a mix of Chow-Chow, Collie, Black Lab, and Spaniel. I've been told they look like they might have Border Collie, Newfie, and Aussie in them. I can be reached at 704-640-9919 if you need any more info I haven't posted here.

Jeanne Casper