Thursday, October 23, 2014

Freeport FL: 10/23 STATUS RE: Pitbull "Sampson" escaped bad owner and is FULLY VETTED and READY FOR TRANSPORT/HOME!

Alaqua Animal Refuge is a no-kill shelter in Freeport FL where Sampson has been in training. When he graduates, he will be an even more perfect adoption candidate for a deserving person or family.
On Thu, Oct 23, 2014 at 9:44 AM, Linda Merideth <> wrote:
Sampson is still in class with the Prison Program thru the Alaqua Animal Refuge.    

Sampson still needs a home or rescue.

At the end of the month (closer to his "graduation" date), I will be sending out more pleas begging for a home.
10/7 Linda reports Sampson's vet bill has been paid in full. Yay! Thank you kind donors.
Sampson has nice brindle coloring with white accents :-)
Sampson is great with kids. The friend who kept him while waiting for Linda to arrive from FL said, "He has done wonderful with my pug and cat. He just kisses the kids. Also a wonderful traveler. Would be a great addition to any family."

On Sun, Oct 5, 2014 at 1:47 PM, Linda Merideth <> wrote:
I drove to Greenville on Monday (Sept. 29th) and returned on Tuesday (Sept. 30th) with Sampson.   When I arrived in Greenville on Monday night I noticed a red swelling and excessive heat in my knee.....I returned on Tuesday to FL and saw Dr. Richards on Wednesday
(Oct. 1) afternoon.   He "thinks" the area is only inflammation, but referred me to a Dr. Steele at Andrews Institutue....I am still awaiting a call from Dr. Steele's office advising of the appointment time.   By Wednesday when I saw Dr. Richards, the red area of my knee had tripled.  Dr. Richards prescribed an antibiotic which I began immediately and the redness and swelling is improving.....I will still be seeing Dr. Steele as soon as I am given an appointment time.

The lady who found Sampson in her yard called me on Friday almost crying......she said two meth addicts had just driven up in her yard wanting their dog (Sampson).   When she told them she had given the dog away, they told Lisa they were calling the Sheriff.   I told Lisa not to worry about it one bit, and I gave her my home and cell phone numbers she can give to them or the police.....they will NOT, under any circumstance, ever lay eyes on Sampson again.  The dog first appeared in Lisa's yard almost a month ago, so I have no idea why they are just now coming to look for him. 

The lack of response on Sampson has reitterated to me the need for laws to prevent the breeding in the first place.   I know every rescuer I'm aware of is simply working themselves to death, and it never ends.  It is only by the grace of God that Sampson is alive and well today.  Unfortunately, only a single donation of $25 was made on his behalf to Dr. Leflore (662.335.5498)......this is NOT a reflection of lack of care by the animal lovers, but it is a sign of the excessive need of medical by homeless
animals.   I wish I could say the number of homeless animals has declined, but I honestly do not believe it has....and it is frustrating......things MUST change in Mississippi!   The need is state wide.

Linda J. Merideth
Phone:  662-822-0000
9/30/14 POST 

 Linda Merideth emailed that she picked up Sampson at 3AM in Greenville and was headed back to where she lives in Gulf Breeze FLORIDA AND THAT SAMPSON STILL NEEDS A RESCUER AS NOBODY HAS RESPONDED. Please everybody keep sharing and also keep requesting kind donors to help pay off the medical bill for his vetting he got in Greenville.
9/27 POST
Linda reports there has not been one offer of rescue. Someone kindly donated $25 to the vet's office towards the balance due, but that is the extent of response from the rescue community.
9/25 POST
Sampson is HW negative, neutered, all set to go. Just needs a rescue organization & adoption! He is in danger where he is now.

Greenville is in Washington County, Mississippi, near the Mississippi River and across from Arkansas.

Rescuer Linda Meredith has been networking for this dog since at least September 15th. He walked up to a lady's home and she contacted Linda. He is extremely sweet and just wants to be part of a family. They named him Sampson. They learned that his owner wanted to kill him with antifreeze.

On Wed, Sep 24, 2014 at 7:32 PM, Linda Merideth <> wrote:
Hi Liz,

When Sampson just came up to the nice lady's house on Wilmont Road, she could not get him to eat for several days.....she was out in her front yard trying to get him to eat when this man (who said he lived just down the road from her) pulled in her driveway....he asked Lisa if it was her dog, and she said no, it had just come up.   He then told her it used to be his dog, but he had given him away, but he had heard that man tried to kill him by giving him antifreeze because he had chased their cat.

I have not met Sampson in person, but the vet and Lisa both say he is nothing but a BABY, he would not hurt a flea.  I can't believe he would have hurt a cat, but you never know.  Regardless, IF the man's story is correct, Sampson must have thrown up the food -- I am ONLY GUESSING this, since Sampson would not eat at all for Lisa.....and since he is still alive, there's no way he could have ingested the antifreeze.

Thank you SO MUCH!

Linda J. Merideth
Phone:  662-822-0000
So lovabull!
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Subject: Greenville, MS -- Sampson needs RESCUE & vetting $$

One inquiry has been received about Sampson, but no commitment has been made! Last week, Sampson was treated by Dr. Royann Leflore and the below email is from her asst., Jennifer. Sampson is NOT in a safe location and he really needs rescue asap. He has now been vaccinated, h/w tested (negative), given h/w prevention, antibiotics for his toe that seems to have been torn or ripped, pain meds, neutered, and given something for tapes.....he is now eating "normally."  

I cannot express the danger Sampson is in.......he really needs rescue. I have done everything I can do here. His only chance is you.......please cross-post Sampson's plea for rescue.

Sampson's full vetting has now totalled $428.70.  If anyone would like to contribute to his vetting, please make the donation directly to Dr. Royann Leflore, owner of Simmons Veterinary Clinic, 2413 Hwy. 82 East, Greenville, MS   38703 (PHONE:  662.335.5498). Currently, the entire amount of $428.70 is due.

Thanks so much!

Linda J. Merideth

 Jennifer <> wrote:

Hey Linda,

Just wanted to let you know Sampson is a Pitt Bull.  Very pretty & sweet.  He is a little nervous at first around new people, but when he gets comfortable with you he will play.  He was around my dog all day in clinic running around loose. He didn't act aggressive at all. He seems to have some skin issues dt flea allergy, but was heartworm neg :-) I put advantage multi on him & he needs to be neutered.  

Gave antibiotic and pain meds for toe issue....also rx for tapeworms. Current due is $428.70 but he is now fully vetted and ready for a home/transport.



On Sep 15, 2014, at 7:33 AM, Linda Merideth <> wrote:

Please expect this boy this afternoon. He needs to be vaxed and tested for HEARTWORMS. (And hopefully you will receive some donations.  Please put under my name.)


Subject: Sampson

We've named this boy SAMPSON.....he is in need of a good home with someone who will let him be a member of the family.   Please help cross-post his is his only chance of survival.   

The vet's office was closed today but he will be going to Dr. Leflore tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. We're hoping he won't have heartworms, but that's unlikely.  

Donations for his vetting are needed. If you'd like to help this boy, please make a donation directly to Dr. Royann Leflore (Phone:  662.335.5498) and tell her it is for SAMPSON. Thank you very much for helping this sweet boy.

Linda J. Merideth
Phone:  662-822-0000