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Houston TX: 3 kittens Need a Home -- Please Help

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 Kittens Need a Home -- Please Help / Houston, TX
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These three kittens need a home. Please read below and PLEASE FORWARD.

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<<...>> I am desperate in finding three kittens a home.  Momma (a kitten herself) is black with about 10 white hairs on the left side of her face.  When she arrived, she was so thin I could not believe she had kittens.  A heavy rain came and I went to pick up the bowl that I feed the other cats in my back yard.  Two little bundles of fur sort of fell out of the flower bed at my house.  I picked them up (so small they fit in one hand) and took them in during the storm.  Later found out there were 3 of them.  Actually I think there were 4, but now only 3 and I don't want to dwell on it too much.  After the storm, I took them back outside and could see where she had kept them.  While she watched I put them back.  I thought she would move them, but she didn't.  I truly feel that she brought them to my back door (literally my back door) and put them there in the flower bed between my house and patio; just a small strip. I truly believe she needed help and she was wanting me to help her kittens.  I've fed them, put up a shelter so they could get out of the rain and sun (no shade) and hide from the raccoons who raid my yard nightly.  I pray a lot over all of them, but especially momma cat and her kittens.  Momma is still thin, but someone shared some meds to help with the worms.  She leaves them more often now than before.  She even nursed another kitten who was in my yard.  I was amazed that she even had enough milk to nurse them with as small and thin as she was, but she did what she could.  She looks at me with this look; "help me and my babies".  Breaks my heart.  I took in another stray recently to help try and find him a home, and my 2 year old Siamese either got agitated by the kitten or angered and my cat attacked me;  20 scratches and bites on my arm.  Fortunately I was able to pull him off my arm and get him in a cage and started running water over my arm, so the infection was able to be handled with just the cream and not the pills.  So, I am not able to take any of them in for fear of their safety and mine.  Winter is coming also, and I desperately want them in a home. They run to the door when I go out and seem to want to be in a home.  One stares at me and seems to be saying I want to come in.  Again, breaks my heart.  If I was younger, I would love to have these kittens, but unfortunately they should live longer than I will.  So, I need to find them a loving home so they can live a long healthy life with a loving family.  I'll get momma  spayed and hope to find her a home also (looking for one for her also). .  I believe she was an indoor kitten, but cruelly thrown out. My back yard is a haven for animals it seems as I currently have 12 stray kittens (and one cat) in my back yard.  These are the youngest strays.  It is a small back yard and I've been loaned 4 cages (which is going to be tight) so that I can catch spay and neuter the remainder and hopefully find them a home.  I need help and desperately want to find these little guys a home.  They are quite young, so I don't know sex. Two are gray and white, the other black with orange spots. They seem to be healthy and want a home.  I'm looking for someone who has a big heart and would welcome the kittens to fill any void in their heart and life.  I would absolutely love, and be thrilled to death if they could all stay together.  I know that is asking a lot, and my prayer may not be answered, but I am praying anyway.  But, they need a home and I'm desperate to remove them from my back yard (and raccoon) and get them into a safe environment.  HELP ME PLEASE.
Connie Freters
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