Thursday, September 18, 2014

Joshua TX: Date corrected to 9/18 in update from Gayla RE: EU at 4PM today 9/17/2014 Great dogs ALL good with dogs

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EU date corrected: 9/18/14 @ 4pm

Bolt adopted, Elvis, Rebel & Foxy still in danger EU 9/18/14 at 4 pm

CONTACT FOR ADOPTION/RESCUE : SHELTER @ 817-774-9450 or Liz at 214 616 6128 Call or text 9am-9pm
The Joshua Shelter is a small rural shelter in the city of Joshua, Texas. They only have 8 indoor double pens, so it doesn't take long to fill up the shelter. They try very hard not to euthanize, but, since they are such a small shelter, when they get down to only a couple of open pens, then they must euthanize for space. And, of course, they never know when that is going to happen. So, please help this shelter by sharing and posting their at-risk animals to good rescues and potential adopters. The ACO NEVER knows when she will fill up and then there is very little time to help the ones that have been there the longest.The adoption fee for Joshua is $55, which includes a Home Again microchip, bordetella vaccination, 5 way distemper/parvo vaccination, and a voucher for rabies. Rescues must have a 501(c)3 to pull from the Joshua Shelter. Liz is the shelter rescue contact. She can be reached at 214 616-6128,(9am-9pm) via text or phone call. She has all of the detailed information for any of the dogs or cats on the urgent list and she can help to coordinate transportation. Please consider helping this shelter! 
NoKill Rurla Texas FB Link the the Joshua Album:
Shelter fb:
Location: 100 Santa Fe St, Joshua, Texas 76058

CONTACT FOR ADOPTION/RESCUE : SHELTER @ 817-774-9450 or Liz at 214 616 6128 Call or text 9am-9pm
Rebal is around 3 years old 40 lbs. She is a very sweet girl and gets along with cats and dogs. She is kennel trained, the shelter suspects she will do well in a home. She is smart and trains well. A quick learner. Kindness works with this gorgeous girl. 

Elvis HUNK OF LOVE 2 year old male pit bull terrier. He has had his shots and bordetella. Elvis is a sweet guy he seems to get along with most dogs but he's not crazy about cats. Elvis loves people despite having been shot at, chased, and attacked by people who were scared of him. Elvis has never showed us an ounce of aggression since we trapped him. He has several wounds on his body and a hole in his foot that we are treating as best we can. He doesn't care for a bath but he takes them like a champ. Elvis will be available on August 11th 2014. Your more then welcome to come and visit this big sweet heart, even bring any future furry roommates to meet him any time and if interested you can fill out an application on him. We do require a complete application and for all renters a letter from your landlord stating that it is okay for you to have a pit bull. You will also need to make a appointment to have him neutered and prepay for it at your vet. we will then drop him off at your vets office and you can pick him up and take him home forever

ADOPTED!! Bolt neutered, born on approx. 4-14 and weighs approx. 27lb. He is shorted legged, not quite sure what he is.  Bolt is a sweet little guy he gets along with other animals and people just fine. Bolt was found running loose at night by the police. They took him to the shelter. He has had his shots Bordetella and he has been wormed. he has been neutered.

Foxy is a female one year old Aust. Cattle Dog mix 43 lbs.  Foxy is a sweet girl and enjoys playing with other dogs. she is playful and high energy. She would like an active family to go on rides and walks with. She is highly intelligent and learns very quickly. She has had her shots Bordetella and been wormed

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