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Leadville CO: Now at least 16, but possibly after 10/20/14 65 Alaskan Huskies need (SEE WISH LIST)

Following is a 9/7/14 message from Peggy Wyatt. There was a crosspost going around earlier but it didn't have a date; I've included it below Peggy's current message here. There have been no adoptions (as of 9/4). The link to her website page that shows thumbnails plus links to very large photos of 16 Huskies in need of adoption is:

On Sun, Sep 7, 2014 at 3:53 PM, Peggy Wyatt <> wrote:

W.O.O.F.  (Watch Over Our Friends)

Thanks to all of you who have supported me through networking.

It’s becoming quite a challenge to find homes for my dogs.  There’s a lot of interest but it’s difficult for the interested parties to come to LeadvilleColorado.  The best solution is to find a rescue service or foster homes.  As of today, September 4th, I have not adopted any of the dogs. 

My entire kennel consists of 65 huskies; including the retired ones.  I have reapplied for the kennel license/permit.  A decision will be made October 20th on whether or not I can continue to run tours.   If I’m not able to obtain a permit than needless to say I will have to find homes for all my dogs. Dogs are posted on I will also post this on Sled Dog Central.        

My wish list is:

  1. Find another location to run tours.  I need to run on private property because the Forest Service is not issuing permits.  I’ve been trying to get a permit for 15 years.
  2. BARK (Buy A Round of Kibble).  Donations are greatly appreciated.  213 West 17th StLeadvilleCO  80461.
  3. Interested investors.
  4. Selling the business.  Includes sleds, harnesses/mainlines, 40 dog box diesel truck, van, snowmobile, and ATV.   
Thank you in advance for your continued support.  There must be a way to keep the kennel operational and continue to have my dogs be happy, healthy, and keep running (as the athletes they are). 

Peggy 719.486.1336
Peggy Wyatt

16 sled dogs in Leadville, COLO., need rehoming. Here are 10. Note from their owner is below the pictures. This has to happen. Please help! 

I own a dog-sledding company and no longer have a permit to run my tours.  It was revoked because the neighbors complained about them barking.  I had a caretaker living with them full time so needless to say the only time they got excited is when they were fed and before they took off four a tour.

I need to find homes for 16 dogs.  Can you help out in any way? 

​ Attached are pictures of my Alaskan huskies.  Their age is next to their named picture.  All the females are spayed but the males are intact.  They are all friendly and good with people because they are touring dogs.  

They would be good for someone who is looking for a recreational team.  

I pray they can be placed in a home where they can continue to run and not be kept kenneled.

I can be reached at 719.486.1336 if you have any questions.
Warm Regards,

Peggy Wyatt

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