Friday, September 19, 2014

Lithia Spring GA: EXTRA-URGENT/NO RESPONSE! Baby Kittens Saved From Forklifts/Need Rescue!

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UPDATEElena is now in full panic mode. She just now let me know that if no offers are made by Monday (not sure she will really wait until Mon), she will ask the girl who works at the convenience store to give them out to the clients who come to the store. This is what she was planning to do with the first kittens that were found in August. Those kittens were fortunate in that a rescue spoke for them in the nick of time - but that rescue is now full and cannot take these ones.

Elena says she has no choice. Please someone hurry and get these precious babies before they are given away like party favors to God-knows-who!

9/18 POST 
Regarding the three different kittens rescued from same construction site in August, Cathy replied:
These are different kittens from the same site. They were just found a few days ago. A rescue took the first ones, but I guess they can't take any more (I've asked numerous times and no response, so that means no).
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These 3 five-week-old kittens (1 fluffy black and twin tabbies) were recently found by a man at the construction site where he works.  They were in danger of being crushed by the forklifts and big equipment driving back and forth all day. One of the tabbies was found night before last, laying next to the dumpster, so weak that she did not even try to run when he approached her. She was starving. The poor thing perked up when she was given some food, however.

Unfortunately, the man's wife has a phobia about cats, and her fear is in overdrive right now.  The lady is very nice, so please do not be mean if you contact her. She can't control this fear, and is doing the best she can to hang on until they are rescued. She cares about what happens to them and where they go, but her requests for help have become increasingly frantic, so the kittens have to find placement quick before she gives in to panic.If anyone can take them, please contact her now!