Sunday, September 14, 2014

Long Island, NY *ABANDONED KITTY Named MIMI will be Euthanized tomorrow at 6:00 PM if no place is found!

From: "Trudy Herenlip" <>
Date: Sep 14, 2014 10:58 AM
Subject: Long Island, NY *ABANDONED KITTY Named MIMI will be Euthanized tomorrow at 6:00 PM is not place is found!
To: "Trudy Herenlip" <>
Cc: "Ralph" <>, "Lisa" <>

Long Island ***PLEASE CONTACT RALPH as TIME is of The ESSENCE NOW…I can't be The Go Between for this one…
Sept 14
From a GREAT guy who rescued a few cats and takes excellent, loving care of them: Ralph has a wife who will not keep this cat...
IF anyone is willing to help this cat...
I had to give it a TRY!!!
From Ralph:
"There were some people who lived around the block. They moved. and for some reason they had the great idea to leave their cat in a box on our stoop along with a letter. I'm not even sure who they were or where they lived. All I know is they should be arrested for doing this.
Bottom line is ,
They knew we had a cat or cats, and thought that we would take care of it.
The note had her name (Mimi) female fixed shots, the cat is pretty fat for its size and we tried to bring it in but she is very much afraid of us and our cats. She is very afraid and hides from us.
the biggest problem is she pees anywhere she is now…floor, rug, couch, under the bed, I think its afraid to use the boxes. Regardless, there is no way we can keep it. I don't know what to do! I can't just let it go...My wife has a 6 PM apt tomorrow, Sept 15, to have MIMI euthanized... I am very upset but she lives here too.."