Saturday, September 20, 2014

Long Island, NY: Stella & Bailey BONDED TABBY GIRLS LOSING their HOME

From: Trudy Herenlip <>
Date: Fri, Sep 19, 2014 at 2:18 PM
Subject: Long Island, NY ** Stella and Bailey** BONDED GIRLS LOSING their HOME***
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Cc: "Sonya H." <>

Long Island, NY     Contact Anna My # is 516-996-8316Sept 19 *** Transport Available to Approved HOME***
STELLA & BAILEY  (Two Girls) Spayed and Healthy!!
BONDED PAIR LOSING THEIR HOME...MOM is going into a NURSING HOME...And so The Story Goes...
From Sonya Hadrigan who is desperately trying to HELP these sweet, kitties!
She sent this to me:...
"Anna's mother has 2 kitties- Stella and Bailey- who she says are the sweetest angels. Her mother is very sick and will be placed in a nursing home very soon. Anna's husband and daughters are highly allergic to Stella and Bailey so keeping them is not an option for the family. Anna has asked everyone she knows if they can take the girls, to no avail. Once her mother goes into the nursing home, Stella and Bailey will be placed into a shelter. They are 5 years old and totally bonded."
And so the STORY GOES...Can we find a GOOD HOME for these Angels who are extremely BONDED...PLEASE Let's NOT have them Go to a SHELTER!!
Contact Anna My # is 516-996-8316
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