Thursday, September 25, 2014

Los Angeles CA: $350 REQUESTED, UPDATE ON 3 month old Husky Puppy - 2-week FOSTER URGENTLY NEEDED

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Please Network!
UPDATE on MAX - the handsomest Husky pup you ever saw!

Max still doesn't have foster, so he's in boarding at my vets office - which is a safe place.  We had one offer for fostering, but the lady had two tiny chihuahuas, whom Max may have been too rambunctious for, as he already weighs 21 lbs.  So for the safety of everyone, we decided not to go with this generous lady's offer.

I'm sure you are aware of how vulnerable, unvaccinated puppies are to disease, should they be around other dogs.

Max was diagnosed with roundworms and giardia and is being treated for those.  Also had vet check and vaccinations, but is NOT safe to travel on general transport until immunity kicks in after at least a week in boarding (started on Monday 9/22), which at $20.80 per night, plus tax is around $150 per week.  Vet charges for medical check and treatment will probably be at least $200. (Vet check was not free, because Max was intercepted BEFORE he went into Carson shelter).  So we're looking at least at $350 and probably more by the time he gets on START transport.  We're also looking in to the possibility of flying him up on a volunteer flight.  (Anybody a pilot and fancy a flight to Salem, Oregon with a very cute passenger?)

Kind volunteer who saved him from going into Carson Shelter, CA is responsible for all expenses before he arrives at the wonderful rescue in Oregon, so if anyone could help by donating to boarding and vet costs, that would make a huge difference!  

"No good deed goes unpunished!" - Let's not allow this old adage to come true for this volunteer!  She didn't think about herself at the time, she just saved the life of this puppy, but it does take a "dog park/village" to care for a little pup like Max, so I'll kick off the donations with $50

If you would like to help Max, too, please call your donation in to:

South Shores Pet Clinic, San Pedro,CA
Telephone:  310-832-5327

Thank you so much for supporting Magnificent Max!
9/22 POST

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Would you like to smile for a week or two, fostering this very cute husky puppy?  

His name is "Max" and he's three months old.  FLUFFIEST, CUTEST little guy and looks very healthy and well-cared for.  He has no idea what a dangerous situation he escaped last night!!!  He's just happy and goofy and full of fun!

Thanks to a wonderful Carson Shelter volunteer, (who, by the way, had just finished a 9-hour, volunteer shift in the shelter clinic),  he narrowly escaped being dumped at the shelter last night around 6:30 p.m.  The owner was intercepted in the parking lot and was about to leave this baby in that hell hole.  Taking him was a risk the volunteer felt she had to take to save his life, because, as you are aware, puppies don't do well at shelters and can catch Parvo or distemper easily.  He has allegedly had his first shots, but of course the owner didn't have paperwork and first shots are unlikely to protect the little guy from the ravages of a shelter anyway.

Please help this amazing volunteer help this puppy?

It would be safer and cheaper for him not to go into kennels, so a foster is the best -- I know fosters are rarer than hen's teeth, but please is there a rescue who has a spare foster who might help for a week or two only, please as he will be going on a START transport to Oregon?  He loves other dogs and people of course and would probably do best with someone who's home all day, since he is a baby and might need a bit of direction and attention.

Max will be going into kennels at vet's office THIS MORNING, so if you can help him with his boarding and vet fees until and IF we can find him a foster, please call with donations in to South Shores Pet Clinic and tell them it's for "MAX, the Husky Puppy."

South Shores Pet Clinic, San Pedro,CA
Telephone:  310-832-5327 

Let's help this little guy get the start in life he deserves!

Thank you for any help you can provide for Max and if you have any questions, please feel free to email or call  me.

Rescue Volunteer