Monday, September 29, 2014

Phillipsburg NJ: Visually-impaired Pekingese "Vinnie" needs a forever home

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From: "Monica Sinforosa" <>
Date: Sep 29, 2014 7:12 AM
Subject: Phillipsburg, NJ - Special needs Peke needs a forever home

Vincent is looking for his forever loving home. Can you please post for him?

Let me start by saying that Vincent is the most incredible, sweet, easy going and the most lovable dog you will ever meet.  He loves to play with his squeaky toys and enjoys going for a walk or a ride. Though mostly blind, he gets around like a champ. He was rescued from a shelter in PA.  He was abandoned by his family because they were moving and they couldn't take Vincent with them. Vincent has seen a vet and a eye specialist. He does not need any eye care. Due to past trauma and past infections that were not attended too Vincent's sight deteriorated.  Vincent's hearing and smell get him around incredibly. He sometimes bumps into things and needs guidance but does well on his own. He's truly a gentle, sweet, loving and cuddly soul who gets along great with cats and dogs.  Vincent would do well on his own or  with another dog who can guide him around.  Vincent is completely house trained, neutered and up to date on all his vaccinations.  He would love to have a person/s to give him the love he so deserves.   An adoption application and a home visit apply to ensure Vincent's safety.