Thursday, September 11, 2014

southern California: Pat Bonham seeks great home for heroic little tripawd Cairn "Frisco." Please share.

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I would like to keep him locally if possible   Thanks Liz

From: Patricia Bonham <>
Date: Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 12:07 PM
Subject: Heroic Little Cairn still waiting for a Home. Please share.

HELP PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS TO FIND A HOME FOR A LITTLE CAIRN TERRIER. Last april we took this pup into our rescue that had been mauled by a large dog.  His name was Frito but has since been changed to Frisco.  This brave little dog hung in for two days before we heard about him.  His family had no money for vetting him and their vet would not give any treatment without a big down payment.  So little Frisco suffered in silence, unable to move. HIs spine was broken in two places , he was bleeding from internal injuries and his back leg and tail were crushed. But his sweet temperament and his big pleading brown eyes still looked alert and alive.  It was as though the back portion of his body was dead but he had such a strong will to live. The owner gave up rights to Frisco and we had him moved to our vet. The prognosis was grim so with one more ray of hope we moved him to the San Diego Pet Surgical Center to see if he could be saved and live a normal life. Owner and head Vet of this facility, Diana Jones took Frisco under her care and slowly handled six surgeries, one at a time and put him back together.  Frisco was given an award for "Bravery" for withstanding so much pain and remaining so gentle and sweet. he never complained, growled or tried to bite. And his big brown eyes looked deep into the eyes of the staff as if to say he knew they were helping him. Needless to say each staff member fell in love with this lovable and battered little Whisp of a dog that suffered the pain after each surgical procedure quietly, freely giving soft wet kisses  to those who tenderly cared for him.
After four months at PetSurg, Frisco was ready to go home...sadly he had no home to go to and no family waiting for his return. After a friend of mine in San Diego kept him for two weeks so he would be close to Dr Jones, he was doing great so I brought him to my house and have been fostering him since.
Frisco needs a home and a family to love him and care for him. He is a normal little dog with no special needs, minus a back leg and tail.  I really don't believe he even knows they are gone and if he does his zest for life and bravery looks past it.  Frisco is alive with energy, runs faster than the wind, loves the water shooting out of the garden hose and climbs to the top of the couch with his 3 legs.  He sleeps next to my bed at night on his own little bed and will follow you around like a shadow.  He likes to lay by your lap when you're watching TV. He loves toys and bones and other dogs and cats.  PLEASE HELP ME SHARE HIS STORY TO FIND HIM A FOREVER HOME.  Frisco is housebroken and a very loyal little soul.   Please email
OAKHILLSREALTOR@YAHOO.COM if you want to give him a home filled with love.
Frisco is almost 2 yrs old and He is an amazing FUN exuberant active dog filled with life and energy. Anyone out their looking for a wonderful companion?.

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