Sunday, September 7, 2014

Thomaston GA: Upson Shelter - NO OFFERS! Super urgent! Great Sponsorships

Please look at the kitties too on Adopt a Pet; Zip 30286. 
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Date: Sun, Sep 7, 2014 at 10:36 AM
Subject: Thomaston, GA - Upson Shelter, GA - NO OFFERS! - Super urgent! - $$$ Great Sponsorships

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Subject: Thomaston, GA - Upson Shelter, GA - NO OFFERS! - Super urgent! - $$$ Great Sponsorships 

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Thomaston, GA
- Upson Shelter - NO OFFERS! - Super urgent!! - $$$ Great Sponsorships - Every dog $$$$ - ALL URGENT! - All need out now!!  - Can die any time!! 

Not much time for Tootie, Yosemite, The family the Baby sitters Club, and Bham Bham.

All Dogs and Cats are to be considered Urgent here

There are such cute young dogs, puppies and a few older with great sponsor money. Don't wait for someone else to rescue or the animal may be killed.  Please look at the kitties too on Adopt a Pet; Zip 30286. 
Please let them get out alive.  

Thank you for cross-posting! 


CONTACT: PEGGY FERRELL:      (at, Cell: 706-975-5824.
CONTACT: HOPE MASTER:      (at, 904-797-9402.


Tootie - VERY URGENT!! - $125 SPONSOR - ID#14-1159 - Adult Female Pit Bull Mix, High energy, great personality!  Very animal friendly.  WONDERFUL DOG!   Hootie came in with Tootie and Yosemite, and Hootie was adopted, leaving the others to die!  Please save these two!

Yosemite - VERY URGENT - ID# 14-1158 - $125 SPONSOR - Adult male, quite small, American Bulldog mix.  Great personality, well behaved, good on a leash.  Came in with Tootie, and is very animal friendly.  This is a WONDERFUL Dog, as is Tootie, according to the shelter manager and the volunteer.

The Baby Sitters Club - ID# 14 1169-1172 $600 SPONSOR VERY URGENT!! - Hound Momma and 3 puppies.  Mom is very gentle, housebroken, good on a leash.  Pups seem to have a bit of GSD in them.  Beautiful family!!!!  Please get them out!

Bham Bham - VERY URGENT!! - ID #14-1184 - $125 SPONSOR - Adult male Shepherd mix – Handsome and Friendly guy!

Maverick - ID#14-1027 – URGENT!!  $250 SPONSOR - Young male dog - Very pretty, friendly, and very curious about his surroundings.  Please save him!

Hightower - ID#14-1208 - URGENT!! - $100 SPONSOR - Adult male Shepherd mix.  Good dog, friendly with people, good on a leash, not fond of other dogs.  Seems emaciated!

The Hillside Hustlers - ID#14-1217-1220 URGENT!!   $400 SPONSOR FOR THE FOUR - 2 Male and 2 Female puppies - Mom was a Boxer and Daddy was a Lab.

Skippey - ID#1234 - Young male Boxer mix-Gorgeous dog.  Please get him out alive.

ID#14-1237 - John Henry - Lab Bulldog mix.  Such a HAPPY guy.  Large male.  Solid very strong dog likes to be petted and given a lot of attention.

ID#14-1232 - Miss Rivers - Female Med Pit Bull mix - Stunning girl!

Zoro - ID#14-1224 Adult, Female  Hound mix - Young and energetic.

Joanie – ID #14-1231 - Female medium sized Lab mix.  Sweet young dog!