Thursday, September 4, 2014

URGENT! Remaining kittens and two mamas need help FAST! (Douglasville. GA)

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Subject: URGENT! Remaining kittens and two mamas need help FAST! (Douglasville. GA)
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This is a really sad story. Noette says that someone dumped some cats off behind where she lives on Douglasville. She could not find help and was desperate to keep them from ending up at animal control, so she found a farmer in Rockmart who said he'd let her bring some of the cats (the 2 orange and one black adult - friendly and tame - see pictures). The farmer let them out at the farm and said they ran off.

Now she has the two adult females - calicos with fluffy tails and one with ear tufts (pictures below). She had the two girls fixed. 

There are also five 6-week old kittens babies of one the calicos - fluffy and precious as can be.

They are in danger because her neighbor is having a fit about her flower garden. The neighbor doesn't want cats in it, so they will soon be taken to animal control if not rescued. 

Please contact Noette immediately if you can take any of them!

(404) 917-3265 (at



CATS LEFT AT FARM (one black and two orange w/ear tufts)
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